Fallout 3 GOTY Guides from Prima

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Today I thumbed through the new Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition Game Guides from Prima Games — which will be in stores, along with the game, tomorrow. Available in regular and individually-numbered Collector’s Edition flavors,  the guides feature all the content from the original Game Guide, plus new pages for Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout, and Mothership Zeta.

I gotta say, these books are absolutely massive. Author David Hodgson tells me the book actually weighs in more than a pound heavier than the original book. And with 752 pages of content, it is officially the largest Prima Guide ever written! For those wondering, the guides once again include a movie-sized game map — now updated with new locations from the DLC content..

Hit the jump to see the unique back cover of the CE guide — complete with moar Vault Boy action!


Vault-Tec Approved!

Reader Comments

  1. first of all i would just like to say how i admire all the work you people (men and women) have put into the labour of making fallout 3 such an addictive game. i was wondering if you were working on/coming out with anymore DLC. maybe something with the super mutants or dr li and the commonwealth, even the andriod railroad. and perhaps raising the cap level to 40 or even 50. my husband has one character at 30 already and i’m halfway there with three more DLC’s to finish. again thank you for working so hard in making an excellent game.

  2. I love the Fallout Franchise, I’ll be getting the GOTY edition. I’m hoping that this edition will have improved on some of the technical problems caused by Broken Steel, and some other minor problems. (I’m tired of the invincible Dogmeat and Fawkes etc.) Looks good though. I’m buying.

  3. Is there any change in the way Fallout 3 GOTY runs compared to the original version?

    I.E. Is there more then SecuROM being added to the disc?

    Since the GOTY version comes with all the DLC’s I’m tempted to just pick it up instead of buying all the DLC’s separate.

    That and my original disc has scratches in it from having to leave it in the tray. Yuck.

  4. Hello,

    I was curious if there if going to be another game patch for the issues the DLCs and most likely the GOTY edition is experiencing with Point Lookout, Pitt, and Broken Steel?

    There if defiantly memory handling issues that the community has been reporting.

    The worst seem to be with walking around in Point Lookout and any time there is a scripted event. The scripted events seem to not exicute especially from an auto-load.

  5. Yes, pay money for a product that contains absolutely nothing that is not already available for free, in printable, searchable, and viewable format, online.

    Not to mention that in typical Prima fashion there will likely be numerous mistakes that cannot be corrected after the guide is published/released.

  6. It still takes immense time to research, verify, compile, layout, illustrate all the information and pictures into one handy guide. Every bit of information about pretty much everything is available on the internet, this doesn’t mean we need to stop writing informative books, imho.

  7. And here I thought the world was coming to an end. I owned the 360 version of Fallout but I lost it some time ago in a move so I was going to pick it up for the PC recently and I could NOT find a copy of it anywhere. I thought maybe the game was just considered too ‘old’ by the Retailers and now I see I am going to save some money buying the GOTY Edition!

  8. There is a difference between informative books written by experts/professionals on the related subject(s), which will always be useful, and game guides that offer nothing to set themselves above their competition.

  9. In a quick comparison between the original collector’s edition of the guide and the game of the year collector’s edition of the guide, I noticed one thing the original had the the game of the year edition does not: the forward by Todd Howard and Chapter 8: Extras.

    It’s a shame Chapter 8 from the original Collector’s Edition guide didn’t make it into the Game of the Year Collector’s Edition guide, as that was the unique chapter that separated the collector’s edition guide from the regular edition.

  10. [It’s a shame Chapter 8 from the original Collector’s Edition guide didn’t make it into the Game of the Year Collector’s Edition guide, as that was the unique chapter that separated the collector’s edition guide from the regular edition.

    Left by John on October 13th, 2009]

    Hmm interesting info. I will have to check this Chapter 8. Of course i already read the Forward by Mr.Todd Howard because of its righteous magnificence 😀

    Thanks John for making us first time buyers of the original still feel “special” 😀

  11. Hmm, 10 more experience levels. I haven’t even saved the father character yet, before maxing to level 20, being 100 on all the power-ups, and getting bored of not leveling up. Perhaps the broken steel DLC is worth the $ to keep playing, but I hardly see how I would enjoy the other parts enough to shell out as if it was a new game. Basically, you screwed up by limiting the perks and levels so drastically. By the way I spent under $10 by renting this game and getting this far… Come on bethesda, wake up and release the ability to get all the perks, IE the full game…

  12. Does anyone know why I cant load my old Fallout 3 saved data on the new Fallout 3 GOY edition? It justs want me to start a brand new game. Any help would be great 🙂

  13. Bummer. Just received Fallout 3 GOTY and the DLC (disc 2) does not install. The expansions were the reason I bought GOTY. I ordered through Amazon. Bethesda Tech help is 9-5 Mon-Fri (odd…that’s when most other people are at work, too…) and there is nothing on this website to walk me through a fix. It won’t autorun and the setup.exe does not take. My ROM drive is just humming away with no effect from the installation disc. This sucks.

  14. @Devin… I had the same problem. I’m running Vista and I needed to turn off UAC (User Account Control) in order to install the DLC. You can do this in the User Accounts section of the Control Panel.

    Once I turned off UAC, everything installed fine.

  15. i bought dlc the pitt and operation ancourage and it worked perfect. Then i bought broken steel and p/lookout, when i try to go into the swamp land the game freezes and i have to turn it off, the same happens with broken steel. I have the xbox 360 and want to know what is causing this.

  16. I have the same problem as Ashent above – I just traded in my regular version for the GOTY edition (PS3) and it does NOT recognize my previous saved F3 games, even if the booklet states otherwise!

    Please make this not true – I had almost all the unique items in the game, etc, close to 100hrs of gameplay (!) – I really do not want to start all over, again 🙁


  17. (DEV.) Well, I just spoke to Bethesda customer support for Fallout 3/PS3, and the person who answered a) sounded asleep and b) “didn’t know what to say”.

    Apparently they heard of this problem regarding previous F3 saved games not being recognized on F3: GOTY over the past few days, and are currently trying to figure out a fix for the problem. We will be alerted of the solution on their website when they have it. Until then, I can only start a new game. I’m not on the PSN network so I don’t want to have to DL anything, dammit!!

    I don’t know, but this seems to me to be a major problem, espc. when the booklet says otherwise. I’m pretty disappointed with the sleepy service I got from them 🙁 Please do something!

  18. I enjoy fallout 3 more than any game I have ever owned and thank you to everyone that helped to make such a brilliant game. I would like to know why the point lookout DLC freezes up every two to three minutes? I had to restart my system ALOT but I think I managed to get through most of the missions that were there. I had the same problem with the original version of the game to a lesser extent that seemed to fix itself after a while, but not point lookout can anyone help?

  19. just when are you guys going to make the new fallout there’s been word that there
    2 more coming and i could see that since many people say fallout 3 is the best game ever witch it one of the new fallouts i have heared that one of the new fallouts is fallout out new vegas
    and that it will come out 2011 and there’s another project for a diffrent one to come out sooner you guys should because its to good of a game to just make one

  20. Is it just me or does broken steel and the pitt freeze alot?

    I seem to have to save every 10 minetes now 🙁

    (great DLC though <3)

  21. Hello!

    I have all of the DLCs for Fallout3. I purchased them at the PS3 Internet Store. They loaded perfectly. They play well with some freezing, but nothing that cannot be handled. The overall game does freeze now once in a while (it did not before), but nothing that cannot be dealt with. Thanks for a tremendous gaming experience.

  22. Bought the Fallout 3 GOTY edition after some coertion from friends. I was Blown away. Great game Bethesda! Praise for fleshing out all aspects of the game in usual Bethesda style. This attention to detail is what i crave in mindless shooters

    Too gory though! 😛 Where’s the “Low Gore” Button for your more timid players?

  23. as a fan of rpg games and shooters i have to say that fallout3 is quite possibly the best game ever p.s.done all the dlc and wondered if there will be any more soon.

  24. no problem with goty loading previous saves on my ps3. but the goty does tend to feeze alot, was goty rushed? i never had oblivon goty freeze at all. hope theres some kind of fix soon for that

  25. also if there is a patch to fix issues with goty on ps3, how could i get it, because i dont have internet for ps3, just slow dial up. would it be possible to dl patch on pc and transfer it to ps3?

  26. I just got the Game of the Year Edition of Fallout 3 for the ps3, I had never play this game before and it is turning out to be the best game I have ever played BUT after only 15 hours of play the game keeps freezing up on me and I have to stop and turn my system off and reload. I have never had any problems like this with any other game I have played. I hope the powers that be will address this issue.

  27. is it truely worth it to go buy the goty edition? really? because im stuck in the middle right now and everyone isnt helping talkin bout all of the freezing! is it really crucial?

  28. PS3/Fallout3 Problem here also!!! Bought GOTY from Canada and it’s not reading any of my 140 hour plus saves from any profile! Can’t understand how this can be fixed either…Help Bethesda!! I don’t want to have to return this game and it’s just sad that there are so many repeat customers who are getting the short end of the stick!!!

  29. hi all gr8 game was wondering if there will be any more dlc for the game and will it be released on disc for the ps3 as you do for the 360 as this anoys many a ps3 fan.
    i must say i cant stop playing fallout 3 and more enviroments would be gr8 after all you could use mothership zeta to go the aliens home world ??
    again keep up the good work.

  30. Hi, I just got a copy of the original game unaware of the GOTY editions additional content. I’m just wondering if you will be releasing all the DLC onto a single disk to buy – or if Im better off trading in my copy for the GOTY edition?

    Thanks, n great job ppl. Lots of love put into this game

  31. Hi everybody!
    i´ve got the fallout 3 GOTY edition, but i can´t play broken steel, the pitt and so on.
    PLZ help me!
    what am i going to do!?
    please tell me

  32. I love how addictive fallout 3 is, But I want to join the outcasts not just be friends with them. I want to join them like become an offical member of the outcast. My higest level is 29 my lowest is an 8 the only DLC I need now is the pit, I will have beaten all DLCs and the main story line of fallout 3.

  33. the game keeps freezing up on me,but so what..its without doubt the greatest game ever!
    can u please bring the game soundtrack out on cd and start producing and selling the different bobbleheads in game stores.