Fallout 3 GOTY — Now Available


Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition is available today in North America, and will be available in Europe on Friday, October 16th. The game includes Fallout 3, winner of over 80 Game of the Year awards, plus all five game add-ons — Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta. You can purchase Fallout 3 GOTY on Games for Windows LIVE for $49.99 and on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $59.99

Fallout 3 GOTY was a great team effort. Thanks to Jeff Gardiner, for tracking all the moving parts, including the GOTY versions and the DLC on Games for Windows LIVE/Xbox LIVE/PlayStation Network; Chris Krietz, our QA Lead, for testing, testing, testing; Paul Graber, for tackling the PlayStation 3 version; Jason Hammett, for keeping the builds coming; and extra thanks to Mike Lipari, Istvan Pely, Guy Carver and Dave DiAngelo. Thanks also to the following testers, who tirelessly tested and re-tested the game and DLC repeatedly across all its different iterations: Michael Lattanzia, Larry Waldman, Jason Little, Dan Ross, Hal Jenkins, Nick Brothers, Michael McGinn, Tom Smilack, Chris Hayes, Max Cameron, Cory Dornbusch, Michael Christensen, Nate Ellis, Tihana Tresnjak-Smith, Steve Fraden, Aaron Mitschelen, and Mike Mazzuca.

Special thanks to our friends at Microsoft and Sony: Vik Long, Chenelle Bremont, Chris East, Nick Bodenham, Tad Fleshman, Cliff Garrett, Neil Soane, Eddie Ramirez and Chris Clarke.

Reader Comments

  1. Also in Canada, also experiencing the save issue, as are a few friends.

    Gstaff, is anything even happening for us? I tried to get my money back (with 79.83 I can get several games for Wii) but blockbuster told me I need to deal with the company. Tech support did nothing but cost me lond distance fees.

    Please, there are a lot of canadian gamers upset by this blunder.

    Hey, maybe as an apology to us make a new DLC set perhaps in Toronto (ronto?)

  2. Am so disappointed Bethesda will not be doing anymore bugfixes for the PS3 GOTY as the freezing and slow juddering frame rate kills the game.

  3. they need to make a patch for ps3 for laging so much and the there no being no ritual knife or wild bill for the last three ingots so we ps3 players will not eran the trophy for finding
    100 ingots

  4. “Why do games always cost 10$ more on consoles? When you can do so less with the games (no modding, etc., …). Maybe licensing issues, but even then I am not so sure. Probably pick this one up on PC though, easier than looking for all of the add-ons seperately…”
    In Turkey, they charge 3 times more for PS3 Games than PC games. In Turkey, PS3 Games are at least $100 in American Dollars so it is depressing here 🙁

  5. Ok, so the problem with the Canadian version will be fixed. And what about the compensation? I mean, we bought the game on the release date but none of the Canadians buyers could play it. Nor in the release date not even two weeks after. And we still don’t know how long is going to take.

    There is no compensation for such an error? Obviously we can’t bring the game back because we’ll have the same problem over and over again. They won’t give you the money back because it’s a bug IN the game and the disc works perfectly.

    It’s like if I buy a car but I can’t drive it until two weeks later because they forgot to put a wheel.

    Seriously, this is a big error. I know there is no possible way to know who bought the game in Canada or somewhere else to compensate them. But, still, they should do something more than say ‘Hey, don’t worry, we’ll fix it’.

  6. Well, it’s December now, and I have been waiting to pick this up for the PS3 because of all the reported bugs and lagging issues with it. Will there be a fix for this, or are all these bugs being reported merely kneejerk reactions?