Fallout 3 GOTY — Now Available


Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition is available today in North America, and will be available in Europe on Friday, October 16th. The game includes Fallout 3, winner of over 80 Game of the Year awards, plus all five game add-ons — Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta. You can purchase Fallout 3 GOTY on Games for Windows LIVE for $49.99 and on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $59.99

Fallout 3 GOTY was a great team effort. Thanks to Jeff Gardiner, for tracking all the moving parts, including the GOTY versions and the DLC on Games for Windows LIVE/Xbox LIVE/PlayStation Network; Chris Krietz, our QA Lead, for testing, testing, testing; Paul Graber, for tackling the PlayStation 3 version; Jason Hammett, for keeping the builds coming; and extra thanks to Mike Lipari, Istvan Pely, Guy Carver and Dave DiAngelo. Thanks also to the following testers, who tirelessly tested and re-tested the game and DLC repeatedly across all its different iterations: Michael Lattanzia, Larry Waldman, Jason Little, Dan Ross, Hal Jenkins, Nick Brothers, Michael McGinn, Tom Smilack, Chris Hayes, Max Cameron, Cory Dornbusch, Michael Christensen, Nate Ellis, Tihana Tresnjak-Smith, Steve Fraden, Aaron Mitschelen, and Mike Mazzuca.

Special thanks to our friends at Microsoft and Sony: Vik Long, Chenelle Bremont, Chris East, Nick Bodenham, Tad Fleshman, Cliff Garrett, Neil Soane, Eddie Ramirez and Chris Clarke.

Reader Comments

  1. Why do games always cost 10$ more on consoles? When you can do so less with the games (no modding, etc., …). Maybe licensing issues, but even then I am not so sure. Probably pick this one up on PC though, easier than looking for all of the add-ons seperately…

  2. @ Erik: I heard that console manufacturers sell the machines for below cost to get them into people’s homes, and then reap the profit from the games. If they didn’t charge more for the games, they’d have to charge more for the consoles.

    Congratulations to all involved in the GOTY edition. It’s a masterpiece of a game – the best I’ve ever played – and you should all feel extremely proud of yourselves. Very happy to see QA get some love. 🙂

  3. AWESOME i just picked up my copy and am about to sit down for a great experience thank you bethesda im glad you finally got it to us thank you!

  4. Be warned folks… looks like contrary to what we’ve been promised, the save games from other discs are not working.

    I am having this issue too.

    My SKUs are BLUS 30216 and BLUS 30455

  5. @Erik – Dunno about PS3, but you can mod x360 (and original XBox, for that matter).

    @Stomper – The console manufacturers themselves don’t get game revenues AFAIK, aside from licensing. $60 has been roundabout an industry standard for new releases on current-age consoles (I recall some old-school NES games being $60 on the cheap side for new releases, at the time), and the general $50 price difference on PC games is a balancing act between the possibility of a consumer base not having enough hardware to support it (meaning a lower amount of buyers) and enough money left over after getting necessary upgrades to feel right in justifying game purchases — whereas with consoles, all games will play without stricter hardware upgrades unlike PC.

  6. Congratulations and thanks Bethesda for the FALLOUT 3 GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION. Its a wonderful joy am a entwined in enticements illusionary to enjoy in its epic scope!

    Thanks for making a rpg so complete and gorgeous which really makes mods a choice and not a necessity.

    Hail Bethesda! Masters of excellence!

  7. I bought the fallout 3 game in 2008 and I have reach lvl 20. I sold the game after. now october the 13 i just bought the goty edition and this new game don’t see my old saved game ?? if i had kept my old fallout 3 game and download all the 5 expansion with the psn does the saved games would works ?? help me please(I played on ps3)

  8. So I bought the GOTY today for my PS3 and low and behold… NONE OF MY PREVIOUS SAVES WORK!

    Thanks Bethesda! After 200+ hours of work I can’t use any of it because you decided to ship to different region coded games to Canada.

    You either shipped a US version of the original and a Canadian GOTY Edition or vise versa. Either way an extremely large percentage of Canadian Fallout 3 owners can not use their old Fallout 3 saves with GOTY Edition because of your region blunder.

    Fix this now.

    My original Fallout 3 Catalog Number is BLUS-30185


    The GOTY Edition I bought today is BLUS-30234.

    These two catalog numbers do not work with each other thus previous saves don’t work. Attention Canadian PS3/Fallout 3/GOTY owners… email Bethesdas Support and tell them!

    I find it funny that I bought my Collectors Edition and GOTY Edition both from the same EB Games Canada store and yet I was sold two games from two different regions.

    This is ridiculous!

    Fix this now!

  9. I have also bought this today and am unable to load old saves. I have not purchased any DLC from PSN. I live in Canada and have heard from others in Canada who cannot save either.

    What have you done?

  10. Hi, I just got this game of the year edition for PS3, but it does not recognize my old saved data. Can anybody help me, and the price I pay was $69 in Canada, was I overcharged?

  11. “Why do games always cost 10$ more on consoles?” lol, because they can.. you have a crappy console? then pay more to play the games you want. PC will always be superior.. stop the support for consoles.. what a waste..

  12. Congrats guys.

    I’ll ask again, since I wasn’t able to get a response before.

    Is there any change in the way Fallout 3 GOTY DRM runs compared to the original version?

    I.E. Is there more then SecuROM being added to the disc?

    Since the GOTY version comes with all the DLC’s I’m tempted to just pick it up instead of buying all the DLC’s separate.

    That and my original disc has scratches in it from having to leave it in the tray. Yuck.

  13. I purchased both Fallout 3: Game of the Year edition and Uncharted 2 for PS3 yesterday. Passed on Fallout last year in hopes that this edition would eventually be released. Goodbye social life…

  14. Thanks GStaff. A few community members said that the Oblivion one was different somehow and since I had all the dlcs/exp. already didn’t delve into that one. Just making sure. Now to see if my local stores still have any. >.>

  15. I like fallout lot and the new levels all of them which I download from the PS3 site online. Keep up the good work it would be very cool if we can play other player online:)

    Again keep up the good work

  16. Great, so its a Canadian thing? At least I’m not the only one I suppose, but yeah, 200+ hours spent, and then about 80 on this GOY I’d like my old saves!

    Love the game, that’s why we are all so upset over this. I know yall at Bethesda will sort this out for us soon!

    (I mean, the US annexed Canada right? So we should all have the same games!)

  17. Thanks GStaff. Just wanted to make sure. I guess some Oblivion community people said there was a change in the GOTY of that game from the vanilla version, so I wasn’t sure if it was the case with this one too.

  18. Is there any fix for the Mothership Zeta issue? It’s frozen up right after I’m abducted four times in a row now… Plz Bethesda, I’m a PS3 user (also bought em’ all for the PC, but wanted them for my console too) and I want to know when I can continue playing!

    Many Thanks!

  19. First, I’d like to thank all of Bethesda for this great game. Being a gamer for 23 years now (god, I get old) this is one of the few game that I enjoy playing over and over. That being said, is there any new info whether/when the DLC or GOTY edition for PS3 will be released in Europe (more specifically I’m interested in Germany ;-).

    Thanks a lot.

  20. Will this ever be available on Steam? I know Steam is a worldwide service so it might not be available till tommorow. Thanks for the answer 🙁

  21. any idea when a patch to use your old save file(in fallout 3 GOTY) for the ps3 in Canada might be released?

  22. What about the people with dial up who have no access to downloaded content? That’s why I spent 80 bucks on the GOTY edition and didn’t just DL the 5 DLCs…

    I dunno, I’m new to Playstation and its games, but generally when a company botches something, we get our money back or constant updates.

    I love this game to death and that’s why I’m so upset about this, were coming on day 4 of this crisis

    Much love bethesda, I hope this is resolved soon

  23. I am another Canadian who bought the GOTY edition and can’t load saves. It’s frustrating to spend over $140 on a game and not be able to continue after hours and hours invested.

    Fallout 3 BLUS-30185
    Fallout 3 GOTY BLUS-30455


  24. Can confirm that australia did release today, have my GOTY copy here now 🙂 (Bought from JB hifi from any aussies reading and wondering)

  25. gstaff–

    I think I know the answer already, but are there any special offers for people that bought the game previously (i.e. upgrade pricing)?

    No worries either way.

    Congrats to the team on all the Kudos. you definitely deserve it. I’ve played this almost as much as I did Quakeworld back in the day.


  26. I live in the UK and I must admit to being massively disappointed. Just picked up GOTY for PS3. Previous saves work BUT…now have poor framerate, long load times for everything and…worst of all…random and frequent crashes.

    Loved the original game, really want to get into the DLC but the GOTY version is BROKEN!! It’s not just me Bethesda. There are a number of forums and blogs from UK gamers bemoaning the same thing.

    Please say there is work on a fix, we’re not going to be left with the game in this state? If so, won’t be spending my hard earned cash on Bethesda again (which is a massive shame as Oblivion and original Fallout3 games are amongst my favourites….

  27. No worries–I have no issue with continuing support of studio & publisher which makes high value content (I’m still going to get it just because it will be nice to have it all on one disc).

    Keep up the good work, guys & gals!


  28. Just a sidenote to those that are looking at buying: Gamestop gives you $3.00 off if you buy the GOTY Edition and the Prima guide together. Highly recommend the Prima guide, even if you’ve already played it through, as it covers many details you might have missed the first go-through.


  29. k seriously when is the save problem in Canada gonna be resolved this is starting to make me a little angry i would like to get at least a release moth for a patch