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  1. seen the cover on Amazon, but all the same it’s very nice to get a shout-out.

    Hellbishop, I’m game for the Nymphs.

  2. If there ARE Nymphs under the waterfall, wouldn’t the Nymphs be under the shadow & therefore undead?
    Mmmm….undead Nymphs…. 🙂

  3. 2 questions.

    Does this ship to europe at the same time?

    Are there plans for translations or will we have to read it in English (not that i mind that)

    Sorry if the two things are stated elsewhere.

  4. Very cool! Will this be available as an eBook? Preferably from vendors other than Amazon as an ePub…
    Looking forward to it.

  5. As someone stated above, really hope this is an ESV lead-in. Just finishing up the Warcraft Archive, I shall delve into this when it comes out, never thought I’d be this excited over a book release 😛

  6. Looks great.

    Pre-Ordered. I’m always up for Elder Scrolls anything!

    With F3’s GOTY out of the way now, I hope Bethesda goes back to their own franchise; the one that made them the behemoth they are today.

  7. Anyone who hasn’t read The Kingdoms of Thorn & Bone by Greg Keyes really needs to do so now. I bought them when these novels were announced because I wondered what he was like as a writer, and they were absolutely unmissable. Put it this way: I lent the first one to a friend and rather than wait for me to finish reading the second she immediately bought the rest of the series.

  8. I believe this will be an In-between series for TES:IV and TES:V. Something will happen the is the precursor in the new game. I also believe the new game with be in Summerset Isle. Has any Oblivion fans noticed that there is talk about strife and rebellion in Summerset Isles. Something about Necromancy. As with Morrowind, there seems to always be a “Prophecy” about the next game. Just a thought

  9. Oooh, how cute. Another novel about the pretentious prince who falls in love with the brash peasant girl who doesn’t care much for his royalty. This is gonna be a real page-turner, ain’t it?

    I’ll bet the last line is her saying something snarky and clever about the way they raise their child(ren).

    @ARKange00X – There’s talk about Summerset, Skyrim, Morrowind, and Akavir. (And Hammerfell IIRC.) Unless you think the next game’s going to take place in 3+ provinces and at least two continents, the Rumors dialogue isn’t where to go for your facts. Hence the name Rumors.

  10. BETHESDA, please hear me out!
    Your Breton voice actor is also a book narrator, his voice is used on over 100 books and would surely fit this novel! Please consider this for all fans!

  11. @ Scott: Ah, you gotta love it when people criticise a video game spin-off novel for being a fantasy cliche before they’ve even read it. Especially when that author’s previous novel series had basically the same plot as parts of Oblivion – but was published several years before; i.e. by your terms, Oblivion ripped it off.

    You could argue that they’re all ultimately rip-offs of Tolkein, but he himself acknowledged that there’s really only one story when it comes to fantasy fiction.

    I think that’s what gets me with Keyes: to write a spin-off book for a game series, it doesn’t actually have to be any good at all. However, having read his undeniably cliched previous work – and thinking it among the best stuff I’ve read in years – I’m fully expecting that – yes – it will be a page-turner.

  12. Well, Princess, it’s not that it’s a fantasy cliche with goblins, elves and whatnot. Any fantasy buff worth their salt knows they can trace it back to Beowulf. (Although it is unfortunate that Bethesda abandoned Morrowind’s originality for a more traditional western European theme.)

    I’m judging it for seeming to be directed more at the “young adult fiction” crowd. I guess it boils down to the same complaint a lot of people had about dumbing down Oblivion. (That and my enormous pretension when it comes to books.)

  13. Hey, why’s Bethesda behind a Warcraft book? Oh, this is supposed to be an Elder Scrolls book you say? Well that’s rather unfortunate.

  14. Oh. My. Goodness.

    Well, it’s about time an Elder Scrolls novel came out!! Does anyone know if there’s been a hint as to what they’re going to be about? I’m with Chris on hoping that they’ll lead into the new game coming out.

  15. Wow a book about the elder scrolls series it sounds nice and the cover is so beautiful too, i just dont really understand is it gonna be in tamriel, does it have a history who fits into the game and that stuff. but i think its the only book ive ever seen that i REALLY wanted to read :).

  16. I just wanna know where all the water is coming from?!… Vivic had a floating moon but he couldnt make water appear from nowhere…

  17. I wasn’t saying that the game would take place in Summerset Isles, I kind of think that because of about 15 different Dark elve NPC’S, and 12 Breton NPC’S that mention strife in Summerset Isles. That sounds like an event that happened in TES III: Morrowind in on of the Add-Ons.

  18. Four decades after the Oblivion crisis? Unless there’s a strange time shift for TES V this is probably going to be unrelated; at best mentioning something that we’ll do in the next game.

    I really want to be more excited about this project. While I’ll admit that I’m unfamiliar with Keyes’ other works, the plot synopsis seems rather shallow and predictable to me.

    Now if they got Ted Peterson, Ken Rolston or Michael Kirkbride (we miss you; your resplendent genius made Morrowind timeless!) to write a book series that was considered canon, I would jump for joy. Right now, I’m in “meh” territory.

    Also, though there are references to both Morrowind and Summerset Isles in Oblivion, the smart money is on Skyrim for TES V.

  19. Well i gots news for all you people looking for Elder Scrolls V……

    From what i understand you have to wait a bit. Bethesda seems fixed on their new shooters (which im told sux! go back to rpgs you pozers) and Fallout. Which is a RPG Shooter game that i happen to love….

    Anyways Fallout New Vegas is comeing out soon i think. i read somewhere it would be around march and one person claimed to have a date for March 21st 09 for it. not sure if its true but it is true that the pres or something of Bethesda said Elder Scrolls V is a hopeful project to be started in late next year…

    So im geussing Bethesda is going to do what all my other favorite game companys do and sell crappy games no one wants and not start working on the games we do want.

    Sorry for the rant but i8 wanted everyone to know. I cant wait for this book though and hopefully a long line of other books throughout tamerielic history! I would love to hear of Valenwood stuggles and Morrowinds wars and more about the Aleyids and the Dwemer. things i would like in a game as well 😉

    and sorry if it comes close to offending bethesda but seriously use your head. your fans dont want another shooter. we got a hundred other generic companys to do that. like EA and Bungie and other companys no one really cares about but the people who cant stomache a real story…

  20. Fallout New Vegas is being published by Bethesda Softworks but developed by Obsidian Entertainment. Bethesda has already stated that Elder Scrolls 5 is slated for release sometime next year (2010).

    I heard “The Infernal City” is part 2 to an earlier novel called “The Redguard Companion”. I am not sure if this is true because there is limited info about it on the web. Does anyone else know?

  21. Anna Bear, could you link that? That would mean TES V gets released on the 360 and PS3, and I didn’t think Bethesda would have it done by the end of this console generation.

    ARKangell00X, NPC race has nothing to do with. The “news about other provinces” dialogue you overhear is universal.

    LoreFan, your wish probably won’t be granted. Bethesda really doesn’t seem to care about their lore. So even if this thing is considered to be canon, that doesn’t really count for much.

    Personally, I want whoever wrote “The Tales of Porkchop” to write an Elder Scrolls novel. =P

  22. Yeah, this will have nothing to do with Elder Scrolls V, its set far enough into the future that there won’t be anything to interfere. It MAY hint to some things as past events that may be included in ESV, but who knows? And Scott, Oblivion was created in that “Western European theme” (which should actually be described more as Roman) is because thats what Cyrodiil is. Morrowind was in a different province, you should know that. They didn’t “abandon” it, they just built it differently because its a different place.

    Besides, they kind of made up for it in SI with its own Morrowind-esque landscape. TESV, based off of the strongest evidence we have at the moment, will be in Skyrim, which will make it a more Scandinavian, or Nordic, if you will, game. Its silly to be angered that a game set in one place should look similar to another game set in a completely separate place.

    Regardless, its a reward winning author and I think we can expect something pretty good. Nobody is forcing you to buy, or even read the book. I’m giving it a try, though.

  23. If there is going to be an ES game in 2010 I’m going to stop buying every other crappy game there is so I can save up for this game!

  24. Scott, Stop trying to shoot down everybodies ideas. The developers of this website asked people like you to leave their offensive comments at the door. i don’t like gamers/ non-gamers that are rude and act stupid when talking about games.

  25. I am super excited about this. I am an avid book reader, and a rabid Elder Scrolls fan. I already love this book and I WILL be reading it. Hopefully there will be many more books. My only fear is that they may reveal too much of the future. I’d like to save as much future as possible for the games. Hopefully the next game can recapture some of the strengths of morrowind such as the lore and the number factions, while keeping the great fighting system and graphics from Oblivion intact. Also, would it be possible to have more content after becoming the leader of a guild, maybe even (dare I say it!) faction exclusivity? That would increase replay value, and make you truly feel part of world.