Web Roundup: Fallout 3


Plenty of cool stuff I’ve found recently for Fallout 3. Read on…

On Twitter, I came across a link to a blog called The Adventures of Tobasco da Gama. In this post, our hero (we’ll call him the Lone Wanderer), discusses his plan to tour DC in a Vault Suit. A man of his word, check out the pics on Flickr.

Recently the 2009 MIXX awards were announced — celebrating creativity in interactive advertising. Among the award winners, Fallout 3 was awarded a Gold Award for Product Launch. Special thanks to AKQA (who also won an award for McDonalds and Flip Video) and everyone else that worked on the campaign.

At Planet Xbox 360, there’s a new list of the Top 10 Gaming Moments to Experience Before You Die. It’s a good list that points out how many great titles there have been this generation. Click here to find out what Fallout 3 moment made the list.

Ready to take on some Fallout trivia? The Escapist has two quizzes — in Heroic and Legendary flavors.

At Kotaku, Todd Howard was featured in a recent piece titled, “Is Single-Player Gaming In Danger Of Extinction?” — written by Michael McWhertor. Here’s a snippet from Todd:

“[Multiplayer is] the most requested feature we get,” says Todd Howard, executive producer of The Elder Scrolls series and Fallout 3 at Bethesda Softworks, so far resistant to the trend this generation. “So we do consider it every time… and every time it loses, but I suppose you never know.”

Moving on, I caught this pic from EPICponyz that you might recognize from here..:)


To conclude this wrapup, here’s three videos to check out from YouTube. This one caught my eye because of the great work done on creating the BoS armor. Also be sure to check out this Fallout 3 Medley, and yet another fantastic fan video from Drakortha.

Reader Comments

  1. Oh man, that guy’s photos are a riot! It’s a shame his outfit didn’t seem to have been recognised very often…

    Still, awesome pictures.

  2. Thanks for posting my photos! I’m glad other folks are enjoying them as much as I enjoyed touring DC in costume. Sadly, I got a lot of people pretending not to stare, but only one guy recognised the outfit as being from Fallout.

    The one regret I have is that I forgot to turn on the flash for the photo where I convinced a bartender to let me pay her in bottlecaps. 😉 That would have been a great one, but unfortunately it came out as a black smudge.

  3. @ Joshua — You seriously got a bartender to let you pay in bottle caps?! 😀 I hope she’d at least heard of the games, otherwise it must’ve been very bemusing for her, haha.

  4. @sian: Well, I had to pay in actual legal tender as well. 😛 But she humoured me when I asked her to let me set up the photo, anyway. (And provided the caps, as well.)