Fallout 3 Modding Interview: The Marriage Proposal Mod

This week we’ve got a special modding interview to very celebrate a special occasion. As you may have seen on other sites, a mod for Fallout 3 was created so that forum member *Puffy*Puppy* (real name Kristy) could propose to her boyfriend Shawn.

Back in June, Kristy contacted our office every way she could think of. Here’s her email to Bethesda Blog:

“Hi, is there any way to get an idea of what it would take to propose to my boyfriend through Fallout 3? Via an add-on, or a mission, or a separate disk? Does something like this take a millionaire to commission it? lol. Because I am just a dollaraire. Is there a way of doing it myself and then kinda creating a level or something?”

From there, we pointed Kristy to our modding forums — where she received plenty of help from our community — including  Skykappa, old_andy, and Sesom.

After the break, check out my interviews with all four of them.

We begin with the story of how Shawn and Kristy met…

*Puffy*Puppy*: We found each other a little over two years ago. Shawn and I started talking online and actually ended up meeting at a dance club with some friends. I never thought anything serious of it, and just took things day by day. When the days began to grow shorter and the dates seemed abrupt and my patience died, I knew that I got more than I bargained for. I was falling! Love does have its way of surprising you…it could even  be the work of Cupid, because I never saw this coming. 🙂 Shawn is a database/web developer and I currently do a lot of crafting, jewelry design and work at a Pets Hotel.


The Happy Couple

When you decided to propose to your boyfriend, what prompted you to use Fallout 3?
*Puffy*Puppy*: I knew that we would be together until the end of time, so I was curious about ways that girls could propose to their guys. I was liking the ideas of dinner in the limo, costume proposals, funny stuff, etc. But then I thought that it should be done in a way that he would never expect, and would end up totally appreciating. What does he get to do while he is not working, not stressed out, and wants to unwind? Gaming! What does he love to play? Fallout 3! LOL!

The funny part is that this game was my nemesis before it even was released! Shawn said to me “Okay, I don’t want you to be upset, but we may not see each other for a week or so next month…” Being very scared, I pleaded with him to tell me why I was being barred from seeing him. His response was “Fallout 3 is coming out.” At this time, I was still very confused because I had no idea what he was talking about, haha. After he ended up telling me that it was a “long-awaited sequel to two beloved games”, all I could say was “WooooooooooooooooWwww………..”

So, I took him half seriously and I ended up coming over anyways, walking into his bedroom every weekend with giant cockroaches dancing with fancy fire-breathing ants all over his TV screen. It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined, I still had a boyfriend and he ended up noticing that I was in the room after a while. So, I knew that this was the outlet. I had to find a way of proposing to him through this video game!

How did you become involved with working with the modding community for the project?
*Puffy*Puppy*: Becoming involved with the modding community equates to stubbing your toe on that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I had an impossible wish; I desperately researched to see if it had been done, I emailed any contacts that I could find, I even went through the Bethesda Help Line on the phone to see if I could find some answers. Lucky for me, a woman that I spoke with ended up giving me the link to the Bethesda forums and let me know that it may be a possibility through a mod.

I had no idea what these “mods” were but just having a direction, a lead, a possibility felt SO amazing. That is when I posted my first thread, asking if my proposal would even be inside the realm of possibility. The members of your modding community are an amazing group of people who, as you can see, do amazing things. I would not have been able to do this without them.

You actually became involved with the project by doing voice recording. How was that experience?
*Puffy*Puppy*: The voice recording was fun, it gave me a chance to add a personal touch and that is when I became part of the mod. All I have is a small voice recorder, so I didn’t have the right voice equipment! But the guys are amazing — they cleaned it up and made it sound clearer. And just to clear this up, I don’t sound like that in real life! LOL I sound more like the crying plea for help, except less crying. The original sound files are in the threads on the forum, I needed the help of the community to see which phrases to go for, and which cry had the most impact. I also want to thank them for their help in this department!

Now that you’ve been involved with a mod, would you or your fiancé consider working on projects together?
*Puffy*Puppy*: When I found out what mods were, after I was introduced to The G.E.C.K. and all of the possibilities…I was VERY excited. I had to hide my excitement from my fiancé when he, in turn, ended up explaining mods to me. I think my clueless face worked well, because he didn’t have any inclination about the mod, or that I had even heard of The G.E.C.K.! After he gave me a mini lesson on what the range of possibilities were, he said that modding is something that he wants to look into and become a part of.

We would make a good team, because I have an eye for design and color, anything creative, and he is the pure technical side of the equation. Not to mention, he is a well of creativity that is rarely tapped. He and I decided, before the mod was near completion, that we would enjoy modding. 🙂 I would have to answer for the both of us, when I say that I am sure that we will work together in the future.

If you created a mod for the perfect honeymoon destination, what would it be like?
*Puffy*Puppy*: Oh my gosh! Don’t ask a girl like me, what my perfect mod would be! lol. I would find a way of texturing rainbows and glitter into it somehow. I would say that if I were to choose a moddymoon destination…it would have to be Tahiti. Can you imagine those radroaches after adapting to the Tahitian ecosystem, sprouting gills and being able to scurry around those cute huts in the water? We would have to acquire our own schematics to engineer mini-torpedo pistols, for ease of hunting our honeymoon dinners. Then, after a nice, sunny day of wading in the crystal waters, we would return to our bungalow to have our cute, very dead meal by Nuka-Cola Quantum light. 🙂 On the next day, we could go about the island and seek out the perdy waterfalls, all while dodging crazy exotic deathclaws. I would imagine that they would patrol the island in a Jurassic Park manner, minus the electric fencing.

Lastly, I would have to beg my new Hubby if we could hit up Moira for a cute Tahitian pearl necklace. To bring our honeymoon to a close, we would hop into our salvaged speedboat and stray off into the sunset in search of our next adventures.

Most important question…when’s the big day?
*Puffy*Puppy*: The Big Day! Wow, my parents have the motto “why wait?” so they suggested that we get married by the end of this year! I think it is insanity, but I sometimes enjoy running around like a decapitated chicken — so I am excited. We have chosen the date of 12-06-09! Not very far off, at all! At the moment, I am embarking on the crazy task of designing hand-crafted invitations, which will take hours to assemble. I love making things for people, so it is important to me that the invites are not flat. 🙂 I wish that The G.E.C.K. came with an add-on for teleportation so that all of the amazing people involved with this mod would be able to join us on our special day. I really, sincerely want to take one last sentence to thank them all, AGAIN. Also, thank you  Also, thanks to the lady who told me to go to the forums, Bethesda for making the G.E.C.K. and for making my man’s anticipated Fallout 3. It exceeded his expectations and has him chomping at the bit for more Fallout “tasty goodness,” and it went way beyond my expectations of a boyfriend’s favorite game.

Thank you. 🙂

And now on Skykappa, old_andy, and sesom.

How did you become involved with *Puffy*Puppy*’s project?
I saw the post on the Bethesda forums requesting help building a Mod, it’s not an unusual thing to see there, so I skipped past it for about a week. Then I actually read it, as it seemed to be becoming a popular thread. After reading a few pages of comments, I started to see the possibilities. At that point, no one had really offered any idea of how the mod might play out. So I just wrote what I thought would be the best way to go *Puffy*Puppy* seemed to like my ideas and PMed me the following day. So I was on board from there, and have considered myself lucky to be a part of the story ever since.

old_andy: Puffy started the thread and I thought at first it would be a “I have an idea, you do the work” request, but she wanted to learn it all herself, and do it by herself, which I wanted to encourage. It almost failed from the get go because her first intentions were to mod it on the Xbox, which isn’t really a possibility. Then she re-posted that her boy friend was getting a new system and that the project was still on. Assorted ideas and other silliness were tossed around and before I kinda knew what was going on, I was modeling a building.

Sesom: I followed the thread and there was the need for someone who can make lip files. I had shortly made some for my own quest mod. So I simply offered my help.

Have you guys worked together before?
Skykappa:I’ve helped out old_andy with a texture or model here and there, but I wouldn’t say we’ve worked together. I’d love to work with any of the people involved again though. There is such talent and a can-do attitude in the FO3 community it makes me proud to be a part of it. So a big “thank you” from me to all the community.

old_andy: Skykappa has helped me out with meshes and such, squaring me away with things, being patient. Other than that I’m kind of new to the forum and this new fangled 21st century modding, so I haven’t had the pleasure of working with many other people yet. Other than voicing a comment on the board or participating in some cheerleading efforts  — always fun.

Sesom: No. It was the first project I did with other modders and it was a lot of fun working together. I normaly mod alone because I am a very impatient person and can’t wait for the result.

What was your contribution to the mod project?
Skykappa: I made the majority of the custom textures, models, weapon and Decals. I also decorated the world space. old_andy had built, optimized it and altered the navmesh to fit. I co-wrote the story and the dialogue with *Puffy*Puppy*. I also created Kaiser and added the Building to the Wasteland and altered the Wasteland navmesh around it. I made the YouTube Video Walk through (Part 1 and Part 2 ) for people who didn’t have The Pitt. The response has really been fantastic, thanks to various gaming websites and blogs  having picked up on the story. I also posted and maintain the finished mod on Fallout 3 Nexus.

old_andy: Once some said it was a rescue the princes mission, I realized she would have to be in the highest room of the tallest tower -read it in a book somewhere, so I built the Chrysler building, or at least used it as inspiration. Since I did the outside in a sort of spontaneous “something like this” fashion, I just went ahead and did the interior as well…

The idea was for two/three interiors stacked on top of each other so that it would feel like an uphill CQB. The lobby was made so that there were a few ways to assault it, as well as the main hall. We decided two main interiors would be enough. Then I gave it over to Skykappa, who was also our acting project manager throughout the whole thing.

Sesom: As *Puffy*Puppy* made the recordings for her dialogue, Ii did some audio editing for the starting radio broadcast. Then I made the lip files. As Attentater5 had troubles with his computer and couldn’t make the scriptwork, I helped out and made the scripting for the quest and end scene. The last thing I did was voice work for the slaver at the end. He was planned as a strange figure with a German accent that sounded like a gangster rapper, and the German accent was no problem for me. To get the right impression for the gangster rapper I watched 10 episodes of a strange American casting show on a Sunday afternoon. According to the feedback I received, it was worth the time.

How did the ideas for quest come together?
Skykappa: With it being a fairly simple “rescue a damsel in distress”-type mission, it really just wrote itself. I guess it was a blank canvas to start with, but for me it felt like keeping it nice and simple was the only way to go to ensure that this could be brought to a successful conclusion.

Sesom: I think it evolved. It was always a story where the princess has to be saved. *Puffy*Puppy* asked for something simple and little in the beginning. But it grow bigger and bigger with the contributions that where coming over the time.


Aside from you three, how involved was the rest of the community?
Skykappa: They were very involved, it was actually moving. The Bethesda forum community was so involved and enthusiastic, I had to think of a way that they could be represented. So I decided, secretly from *Puffy*Puppy*, to create and include some present boxes to appear at the end of the quest, which were filled with contributions and messages of well wishing from members of the community that wanted to be a part of it.

old_andy: There are some serious cheerleading types on this board, y’know that?! They just kept badgering us with positive feedback and support that there was no way not to keep going and overcome any problems or obstacles. They also contributed with a bunch of notes and presents at the end that I didn’t know about until I saw the final version.

Sesom: It was a very popular thread. Everybody wanted to know how it turns out and gave some ideas.

The ring was obviously an important part of the mod? Who designed it, and how much much feedback did you get from *Puffy*Puppy*?
Skykappa: The design was based on a ring that *Puffy*Puppy* had already purchased for Shawn. She posted an image of it on the Bethesda forum — I had a shot at making a representation of it because my girlfriend demanded that I do so! But Falcon8204 made a better one so I just made the texture for that one. *Puffy*Puppy* was very pleased with the outcome.


The in-game ring

The actual rings

Do you do weddings and bah mitzvahs?
old_andy: If someone has a solid idea for a project I’m always interested.

That’s all. Congrats to Kristy and Shawn, and a big thanks to the whole community for helping out!

Reader Comments

  1. It’s nice to read a genuinly nice story about nice people getting their wish and getting help from people they have never met before…maybe there is hope for the human race?

  2. I agree with Wizard 100%. I also must add that video games are a great medium for artistic and emotional conveyance (perhaps the best!) and to wish Kristy and Shawn many happy years! Congrats!

  3. I read all the threads on this in the forum, great story and a bunch of romantics in the modding community. I watched both vids too, lol.

    D.Foxy and all those modders that helped – you ROCK!

  4. This is so heart warming. Videogames ARE and art because only art can evoke emotion, devotion and ties like the ones made here. Awesome work all. I pray you two are forever blessed together in a haze of amazed awe at life. Take care wastelanders.

  5. Seriously, Fallout 3 GOYE for PS3 is the most aggravating, crash-happy excuse for a PS3 title I’ve ever played. I was already pissed that the original version of Fallout 3:PS3 actually crashed ONCE IN A WHILE, but the new mods on GOYE do it RELIGIOUSLY. I even had to scrap a game file because the game epic fails on my way to the boat to Point Lookout because the game can’t even run a Super Mutant Overlord without crashing! >:( Did Bethesda intentially farm out the PS3 cut to Hindu-Bobby with no Q.A. or Q.C. just to beat a deadline and rake in profit? I would’ve launched this game out my Rock-It Launcher by now if I didn’t love it so much because of the original cut.

    I’m so glad Bethesda didn’t get to do New Vegas. Black Isles 4ever.