An Oscar Nominated Developer Profile


The latest developer profile for Splash Damage is up on their site. This time around, we get to meet Brink Animator Boris ‘Zobbo’ Lowinger.

Before coming to Splash Damage, Boris worked on games like MotoGP, Republic: The Revolution, the popular quiz franchise Buzz!, as well as the short film “This Way Up“, which was nominated for an Academy Award.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview…

What are the best and worst parts of your job?
Best part of the job is animating people/weapons/miscellaneous bits and bobs and getting things like our SMART animations looking great.

The worst part for me is that I’m sometimes too busy to join in the internal play-tests. Well, that and having to sit near mantegra. 🙂

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Reader Comments

  1. Bad animations can really be a game breaker, such as in Oblivion where many of them were great immersion breakers. Hopefully you’ll do a good job on Brink. At first I wasnt’ sure about it from the confusing trailer, but after seeing a lot of art I’m getting pretty pumped for it :D!