Reader Comments

  1. Here are the shortcomings of oblivion.1.The storage areas do not save your merchandise when you put them in there, like the ships chests.2. There aren’t enough dangerous creatures in the water.3.The
    expansions were a bit underdeveloped, but all in all the game was the best of role playing games made. I hate the hell concept, because nearly all role
    playing games end up in a hell like
    atmosphere like some kind of obsession
    if you ask me it needs to be put to rest.I have played enough video games to be considered obsessed. I would like to see a game combine the best aspects of stronghold crusader, gothic
    3, oblivion and mount and blade.That would be a great role playing game.Combine the castle making of stronghold crusader, with the upgradable troops and personalization of them by renaming them like x-com. The ability to make potions to revive
    your killed troops. Have them tend your crops, gather your gold etc. and
    give them experience points and upgrades, Have them defend your Castle
    and take 12 or 24 along with you to
    assault other Castles. Eliminate the
    weight disadvantage of oblivion while
    picking up spoil and go with the gothic
    3 don’t matter version. Be able to build you own cottages with your troops/workers etc., or go as a lone warrior with the ability to teleport troops from your castle to siege another one while not losing the role
    playing concept of oblivion and gothic
    3. ,and be able to teleport with a limited number of teleport divices like the game 2 worlds, and if you get
    killed you take on the character of the 2nd in command whoever has the highest level or be able to choose from the top ten etc. Go from peasant to King and lead an army of upradable units and be able to teleport home during and enemies siege on your castle. Be able to build a ship and attack other ships on the high seas and dive for the spoils in sea monster
    infested waters. Be able to take over
    other peoples castles and appoint one of your troops and Prince of the region
    until all the castles have been conquered. Have a set number of people in each region for recruiting troops to defend your castle without spawning.
    Be able to dismantle the castles and buildings for materials or keep them and try to guard them. Have different races like the game spellforce,but instead of spawning, turn the townspeople from the region into your troops. and be able to revive the dead ones with a spell or potion, to avoid the spawning aspect which becomes redundant.Perhaps Be a single player role playing game with upgradable troops personalized and eequipped as the main character, but unable to leave the region except for 1 or 2 captains from each conquered region to
    form an army while slowly while advancing the main character in levels to gather all the available troops from all the regions to form an army to
    attack the main castle region and win the game.Now get to work.