Happy Birthday Fallout 3!


This morning Todd reminded me we released Fallout 3 one year ago today.

Much like the weeks and months prior to release — when I was traveling around the world for the game — the game’s launch felt like a blur. The night before, we held a midnight party for the game at Best Buy, so I ended up getting to bed sometime around 2 a.m. Then on the day of release, after a busy day, we had an office party to celebrate the game’s release in Adams Morgan. I’m not even sure I went to sleep that night.

So that’s what I remember. If you purchased Fallout 3 a year ago today, feel free to share your launch day memories.

Reader Comments

  1. Actually I remembered the launch day wrong and got it the following day. It had mostly sold out, but I managed to get my hands on a collector’s edition nonetheless.

    It was worth every penny spent.

  2. It was one of my best memories. I am still playing all of the fallout games. I remember I take 20 minutes to get home. It took me 8 that day.

  3. i remember coming home and skipping dinner and everything because it just was getting so amazing…created probably 20 different save files that night because i foolishly though i could go back and do an alternate “path” eventually…game got so big by the weekend i had to narrow it down to just 4 and promise myself a replay thru

  4. Took the day off work, went to Best Buy right AT 10:00 am, played the game for three hours, then the doorbell rang, the Fed-Ex driver greeted me with my Amazon Pre-order of the game for PC along with the pip-boy replica (which will accommodate my costume nicely this Halloween). Got about 2 hours of sleep that night since I went to bed at 4 am, tempted to call in sick for work the next day…. 200+ Hours of game-play later, I STILL LOVE THIS GAME.

  5. Standing outside the store waiting for the collectors edition to find out that they had a collectors and an exclusive I bought the exclusive on PS3 the went home and ordered the collectors on XBOX.

    Know I have An Collectors (XBOX360), Exclusive (PS3) and GOTY (PC)… Awesome Game

  6. the best purchase ive made 3x once for computer 2x for xbox 360 had to have goty edition thanks bethesda for this and elderscrolls keep em coming i have money to spend for your games every time

  7. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a PC with good enough specs at the time of release, however I *did* watch every youtube playthrough of it that I could find until I could afford a suitable comp worthy of playing it. 🙂

  8. I was so freaking excited that day, just like I was on April 29th for GTA IV. Got to Best Buy soon after it opened to pick up my pre-order. I found out that I didn’t even need to pre-order, as they had a crap load on the shelves lol. I went straight home and played the whole day, taking breaks here and there to help take it all in and reflect on the game thus far (something I always do with new games, almost like a ritual lol) but I played most of the night and started again the next day. I’ve put in about 400 hours total on Fallout 3, over 100 of those hours on a single file. I think I’ve done about as much as I can in that game, it’s still fun. But I’m eagerly awaiting TES V. Can’t wait to see if Beth. has applied what they learned in Fallout 3. Mainly ammo and health items not weighing anything. I hated having arrows weigh me down, same with health potions.

  9. Great Gatsby! PrincessStomper still hasnt posted?!! Oh well so much for ladies first. Guess the deranged psycho will have to be rude and speak first 😀

    Happy Birthday FALLOUT 3! Still the most unique! Still the most complete! Still the best rpg out a whole time smacked baby hollering year later!

    Even BORDERLANDS which feels like HELLGATE LONDON’s little brother thus far does not compare to your epic gameplay balance and visual beauty.

    Truly Bethesda has no mercy in delievering a product of pure happiness.

    Oh its FALLOUT 3’s birthday..funny it felt like mine 😀

  10. I waited many many years for this game, every day i was on the website waiting for updates until the day came when i could buy it. Still the best game / series of all time, i think i actually cried when i held it in my arms. They can never take that away from me

  11. How about that. Just today, I finished the last of the add-ons and checked off the final Achievement. It’s actually the first game I’ve netted every achievement for, since most other games have a set of multiplayer achievements that I never pursue.
    Hats off, Bethesda – Fallout 3 is quite an experience, and one I got drawn into from the moment I stepped out into the Wasteland.

  12. I waited 13 mos. for it to come out, and worth the wait it was. Usually I get overly excited for games, only to be disappointed when they release. But not Fallout 3. It was one of the greatest games I (in fact still to this day) have ever played. I even get almost sad sometimes, thinking how I’ll never relive those first few hours again, albeit I’ve logged in 310+ hours and it never fails to entertain me. Thank you Bethesda for this damn fine achievment in gaming, and (in my opinion) a step forward in the, ever increasing, right direction towards sophisticated, thought out works of the gaming industry as a whole.

  13. Great, a year ago I have purchased Fallout 3 for PS3 full of excitement what nice piece of RPG Bethesda has released. And I very much enjoyed playing the game for 80+ hours ever since.

    Now 1 year later I have purchased the Game of the Year Edition for the PS3 with the excitement of exploring even more of the Fallout universe with my character. But then I have figured out that it is not possible to use my PS3 savegames of my previous German version with the UK version of the GOTY edition and am very disappointed of this limitation of Fallout players on a closed system (PS3).

    With the hope for a solution in the next 1 – 2 weeks I keep my motivation up for Fallout. In case of no solution this was then probably the last game from Bethesda I have purchased.

  14. @ Carey “But I’m eagerly awaiting TES V. Can’t wait to see if Beth. has applied what they learned in Fallout 3. Mainly ammo and health items not weighing anything. I hated having arrows weigh me down, same with health potions”

    I’ve been saying the same, driving myself crazy, haven’t slept in weeks, the caffeine pills keep the demons away… Anyhow, I remember when Fallout 3 came out I saved time by having a friend pick it up for me since he worked at Gamestop, got it the next day. Have a few hundred hours in the game so far. Thanks for the free theme too :D!

  15. I was sitting around playing a mod for Oblivion the day before release, when my supplier called me at exactly 14:58 saying my collectors edition had arrived, i had 7 minutes to get the train when i stood outside my house (normalle it takes 15-20 min) but i made it. The gamestore is at a mall connected to the trainstation in the city, so it took me about 10 minutes to buy it and be back on the next train home. Ran from the trainstation and played it for 3 days straight (minus 3-4 hours of sleep a night). Took my be surprise my supplier did, but it’s not unusual to get the games the day before release here.

  16. My recommendation to a friend: I had that monkey on my back for a solid 6 months,and that was just the original release. If you like RPG (think Oblivion, made by the same people btw), and first person shooter survival horror, (better than Resident Evil or Doom), combined with a HUGE open ended environment, an excellent presentation and a (very) twisted sense of humor, you too will find your every free waking moment consumed by the game for quite a while. It’s a lever that you will forgo food, water, and human contact, to press as often as possible. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

  17. Fallout 3 was the first game I have ever pre-ordered – the collector’s edition – and it certainly was a fine decision. Amazing game. There’s a blond thing on my desk smiling and nodding in approval.
    It arrived on the release day, but sometime in the evening which made that day terrible long and, of course, I had to stay up all night in order to play it.

    P.S. I’m looking forward to TES V. Can I pre-order it now? 🙂

  18. geez! has it been a year already?! and im still playing it! please! make it stop! i think this is the most amount of time i ever spent on one game. i have yet to play bioshock, rainbow 6 vegas 2 (both been sitting on my shelf for a very long time) and about 3 others i havent touched yet. wanted to get ‘gay tony’ for gta IV today but that would take me away from the wasteland. you guys need to start a support group :/

  19. I have been a Fallout fan since before #1 came out… back when it was still going to be a GURPS game and Steve Jackson was involved.

    While waiting for Fallout 3 I totally avoided ALL screenshots, videos, ANY previews at ALL. I wanted to be stunned when I experienced the game. It was hard, but I shunned everything. I was stoked for Fallout 3 like few people were. This was my game of the decade.

    I went to the local Wal-Mart the day before the release date. My neighbour worked in the electronics department and I was hoping I could coerce her into letting me purchase Fallout 3 early. She didn’t budge (and I don’t blame her). At the time, the Wal-Mart was open 24 hours a day… but I couldn’t hang around til midnight since I had to get up at 5 am. So I got up at 4 am and went and purchased the Collector’s Edition for the PC and the regular edition for the XBOX 360. The moment I got home from work, I put the disc in with trembling hands… and *JOY*… it was better than I dared hoped for. GOTY for me within the first 10 minutes.

    Pat on the back and a cold glass of milk for everyone!

  20. What a nightmare that all was. I live in rural France so it didn’t arrive here until weeks after the release date. Not that it mattered anyway…I don’t speak a word of French…..yet. 🙁

    None of the sites like Steam or whatever they are called would allow download to my area, so I couldn’t purchasse it off the internet. So I ended up ordering it off Ebay. Three weeks later a little ‘bundle of joy’ arrived at my door. I was somewhat concerned to find it was the Russian version of the game and although it was supposed to work in English too…..naturally my copy didn’t. Yes, it was the legitimate version.

    So back that copy went and the seller sent me another. Meanwhile a well meaning friend had gone and brought me a French copy of the game when it arrived in the local store, thinking it had the english version on it too. Nope.

    So the new Russian one arrived (yes, still the legitimate , legal game). I was finally able to play Fallout 3…..almost 7 weeks after the release date.

    Worth the wait? Yep, sure was! Although next time I should probably just book a plane flight to England on release day. *sigh*

  21. I bought it in Febuary haha. 😛 My friend took me into town to get it for himself though, but I didn’t pick up my own copy until later. Still love this game to bits. 🙂

  22. That was the mark of the day when I started to live in the world of fallout <3. Even till this day I will continue to live on it an force all my friends to watch me play or die a horrible death… 🙂 If only it were real and all my friends had become ghouls… I could do the George like thing and handle them with a shovel.. But back to the goodness of this 😀 its been a year and its the best game out .

  23. I got the “Survival Edition” from Amazon with the PipBoy/Clock. Although the clock is sadly no longer working (it came in useful to keep track of time during my gaming marathons), it still has a spot atop my entertainment center, along with the Vault lunchbox and the Vault Boy Bobblehead. I have a stack of really good games waiting to be completed, but I keep going back to FO3, especially with the 5 recent expansions that were recently ported to the PS3. Point Lookout is the last expansion I have to be completed, then it’s time to mop up all of the trophies and then maybe start a new game from scratch, because it’s that damn good. Keep up the good work Bethesda!!! A final FO3 patch would also be cool too.. *hint, hint* 😉

  24. pre-ordered it but was away for the first three days.
    got home collected it from the mail people and played straight it for three days stayed in the same clothes, probably got 14 hours sleep. On a final note it took me four showers to get the stink out… 🙂

  25. I still remember buying the game and not knowing what I had. Until I played it for so long and fell in love with it and had wonderfull post-apocolyptic nightmares. I bought every DLC ad loved each one egually, and I hate myself for forgeting its B-day, but I’ll make it up by buying Fallout:New Vegas.
    I love u Fallout 3!!!