Reader Comments

  1. Didn’t like what I read at all, but I’ll still read the book when it comes out. Hopefully Mr. Keyes delves more into the lore aspects that make TES so great.

  2. I enjoyed the beginning, maybe I will finally focus myself and finish the main story of oblivion… probably not because I can’t ever stay focused on a single quest line, but it’s all fun so I’m happy.

  3. The first two paragraphs were a little cringe-worthy, but then again I suppose it’s difficult to fit in descriptions of character’s appearances without sounding a little like a fanfiction writer these days. Still, I’m intrigued enough to buy it. 🙂

  4. If you guys aren’t putting any of Black Marsh into The Elder Scrolls V, you should seriously consider it for TES VI–that whole region sounds fascinating, and has some good opportunities for some of the political intrigue that was present in Morrowind, but absent (since the whole Kvatch storyline was cut) from Oblivion.

    I’m totally excited about the book–I preordered it long ago…

  5. Got to say, i loved it. Although i highly dislike argonians (boring) he somehow made blackmarsh, Glim and Annaig so interesting. Although i hope it isn’t all set in Black marsh. despite how cool Lilmoth sounds i would prefer to read about Highrock or at least go back to the imperial city. But i have to say very good so far.

  6. Based on the excerpt, I can’t see myself buying this book or recommending it to anyone else. I expected better of a work authorized by Bethesda.

  7. The writing is not really what I’d expect from Keyes. It reads like a good fan fiction. Very much a lowbrow video game novel so far- like Halo and Baldur’s Gate tradition.

    Does Bethesda realize that most readers are going to be hardcore fans? There was no reason to water anything down, or to run away from the literary strengths the series already has.