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TGIF! As you countdown to the weekend, here’s some coverage for you to read up on.

With Halloween tomorrow, I thought I’d share all the entries in Joystiq’s 2009 Pumpkin Carving Contest. Among all the awesome entries, you’ll find Fallout contributions (pics 55, 57 — shown above, and 80). Really great stuff — bums me out I never got around to carving one.

Moving along, a new blog post at Bitmob was motivated by a tale of evil things you can do in Fallout 3. So out of curiosity, Dan Hsu asked folks around the gaming industry to share their memories of “doing evil” in games. Among others, the list includes Todd Howard and Emil Pagliarulo, as well as some other guys tied to the Fallout franchise (Obsidian’s Feargus Urquhart and Chris Avellone). Find out their evil deeds here.

The latest AVault podcast (#53) is up and features Pete Hines. Give it a listen (as I’m doing right now) to hear him discuss Fallout 3, Brink, id Software and more.

Lastly, Strategy Informer recently put up a new preview for Rogue Warrior. You can read it here. Elsewhere, you can check out the game’s achievements at none other than Xbox 360 Achievements.

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  1. Nice read about some of the favorite evil game moments game Devs have played. Yes X-Com was one creepy game on many levels. It actually gave me the fear of thinking i was actually in an alien space craft and having to watch my every step. Night time in towns with aliens lurking about in the dark was amazing in its inspired terror.

    Evil moments in games for me would be letting the female hero in PHANTASMOGORIA get her face ripped to shreds by the Demon just to see what her death scene would look like. Ouch! After that i made sure to give her a fighting chance.

    Another evil moment is blowing the West girls brains out with a sawed off shotgun in FALLOUT 3 after seeing her air head attitude after helping her. That was a turning point for that particular character as he was no longer a good or neutral guy but more of a fed up anti-hero who was slipping over to the darkside of vengeance.