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With last week’s Eurogamer Expo in the rearview mirror, new previews are emerging on several sites. Be sure to check out impressions at Brutal Gamer,, SavyGamer, Scrambled Pixel and Loot-Ninja. Sarcastic Gamer also previewed the game — here’s a snippet:

“Visually the game is stunning, with vibrant colour pouring out of every part of the environment. This is a testament to the world Splash Damage have envisioned, a floating city known as The Ark.”

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Congrats to Axis Animation, who created our Rogue Warrior trailer, and subsequently earned them a nomination at the Golden Roses Design Awards. Speaking of the game, we opened our discussion boards for the game this week.

New reviews for Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition are up — head to Digital Chumps, PlayStation Illustrated and DPad Magazine. Meanwhile, you can read new DLC reviews at GameFocus, PSN At Home (Mothership Zeta, Point Lookout), and

This week a new preview for RAGE is up and available to read at Here’s an excerpt:

“The plot is of course one area where id Software do perhaps lag slightly over competitors like BioShock and Half-Life, but this too is receiving a Twenty-First century make-over, the player set to uncover all kinds of unpalatable truths about the mysterious Authority which holds such sway over the game world. As you explore, you’ll uncover new snippets of back story, while you’ll also have the opportunity to collect blueprints, which can be used to build useful items. Indeed, you’ll find yourself progressing in a most role-playing like fashion, working towards the ownership of a buggy, and upgrades for it.”

This week Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins hit shelves. The game is already a hit at our office (you’ll see that in “What we’re playing”), but I thought it was interesting to see this interview with Bioware’s Greg Zeschu where he discusses our games.

Wrapping things up, I found a couple lists worth checking out. Paste Magazine has ranked their top 20 games of the decade — including Oblivion (#19) and Fallout 3 (#3) in their list. Meanwhile, Digital Trends includes Fallout 3 in a list of games to play on 360, while GamerPops includes it as one of the top five games of this generation.

Reader Comments

  1. The Kotaku piece on Bioware/Bethesda was a nice little read.

    Dragon Age is getting some rave reviews, I wonder if you guys could provide some of your expert opinion on it.

    It’d be interesting to switch the Kotaku article around, and see what you guys make of Bioware’s output.

  2. Great read by a master of immersion discussing another master of immersion.

    Having a ton of fun and excitement playing DRAGON AGE ORIGINS. Its incredibly fluid in everyway from the dialogue to the combat. Definitely a evolutionary step up. I also love the combination of tight plotline with a sense of freedom like being able to go back into town to heal up and buy/sell supplies in the midst of mission(s) instead of a you cant leave til the mission is over style.

    This is so much fun that it has me going back to playing MORROWIND,OBLIVION and FALLOUT 3 without mods or extra music just to enjoy the worlds as they are and see how things play out. Funny how another rpg from another company can influence things like that.

    Enjoying the fluid yet strategic style of combat in DRAGON AGE ORIGINS i started wondering what if the WARHAMMER 40k DAWN OF WAR series were to have such a system. My what a grand war and story that would make. Still DAWN OF WAR 2 is really awesome now with the patches so i aint complaining.