Modern Pipboy 2


Okay, so there’s not a Modern Pipboy 1 to discuss, but I thought I’d be clever — since everyone and their grandmother is talking about Modern Warfare 2 today (congrats Infinity Ward). In fact, the team just took a peek at the game within our theater.

Anyways, I thought I’d share this Pipboy mod from AlexScorpion I spotted at Fallout 3 Files (a relatively new FileFront page). When I saw it, it actually reminded me of something out of Modern Warfare.

Download the mod here.

Reader Comments

  1. I love how casually you all say “in our theater”, as though your implying that we all have one. XD Of course I do, but some of these other people… you know…..

  2. You know, it would be cool if you guys did a behind the scenes look into the Beth. studio. We always hear about how cool a lot of developers studios are but we seldom see many pics or videos. But then again I doubt most want to show off all the different crazy equipment you have.

    Oh and this mod is freaking awesome. But I still like original Pipboy the best. It just looks rugged enough to last in the wastes.

  3. @ gstaff


    Yet again the reason why I come hear has prevailed. You all actually read our comments and sometimes take up our suggestions. Thanks again.