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This week 1Up has a new roundtable discussion near and dear to Bethesda Game Studios — it’s a discussion on The Future of Single-Player RPGs. The roundtable includes Bill Roper (Cryptic Studios), Alan Miranda (Ossian Studios), Marcin Iwinski (CD Projeckt) and Feargus Urquhart, the CEO of Obsidian Entertainment (the guys working on Fallout: New Vegas). The feature has several references to Fallout 3 and can be read here.

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Elsewhere, the staff 411 Mania share their Top Open World Games in a new feature — with a few editors ranking Fallout 3 and Oblivion to their top 5 lists.

Over at GameThirst, there’s a feature on the Top 1o most outstanding devs this generation. They rank Bethesda #6 on their list. Of course the list infers that we developed WET internally — the credit there should go to the folks at A2M.

Thought I’d share this link I found via Twitter. Titled How Morrowind helped me survive my first semester of college, author Chris McKenna shares his passion for Morrowind, and how he actually drew comparisons between college life and the game’s world. Here’s an excerpt.

I step out of the car and into the warm, humid air. Right away I’m confronted with a barrage of new and interesting sights, sounds, and smells. In the distance I can see a building. I walk towards it, open up its large, heavy doors, and descend a flight of granite steps to the dark basement below. There I’m greeted by a man who asks me for my name, my place of origin, my room number and my birthsign…

“Oh my God,” I think to myself. “This is Morrowind.”

Obviously, it wasn’t Morrowind. Not really. It was my college orientation, and although the resident assistants didn’t really ask for my birthsign, the rest of the ordeal was eerily similar.”

Read the rest here.

There’s new impressions up for Rogue Warrior after this year’s Eurogamer Expo. Check out previews at Critical Gamer and Loot-Ninja.

Recently we shared news that Fallout 3 won Ultimate Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards — a staple of the UK gaming community for now 27 years. I recently learned the Golden Joysticks are making their way down under. Voting for The First Australian Golden Joystick Awards are underway, with Fallout 3 nominated in two categories — PlayStation Game of the Year and Xbox Game of the Year.

Finally, Got Game has posted their review of Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition — awarding the game a perfect score. You can find the review here.

Reader Comments

  1. I don’t think I know of a single site that didn’t give Fallout 3 a perfect score… maybe PSN because of alleged lack of support.

  2. I was wondering just the same question as I was playing Borderlands. I would really hate to see single player RPGs go extinct. Single player is a much more personal experience. And it allows you to explore without any limits, mainly those limits being other people. Plus, you don’t have to wait for anyone to do something nor do you have to worry about some random person screwing up the game. I see this in Borderlands every now and then, someone wants to go to another part of the map and doing so forces all players to that area, even though some may not be ready.

    Plus I hate how you only get really good loot when you play with 4 players. It seems like you should have just as good a chance to find the same loot in single player as you do in co-op. But it goes by difficulty which can’t be adjusted.

    And if that were to be the path of the RPG…then I’d say I probably won’t be playing many of them anymore. I don’t mind co-op, I just like to have the same content without being forced into co-op.

  3. I too would regard the disappearance of the single player RPG as a – well, a disaster. They are without a doubt my favorite type of game – nothing has ever been as satisfactory or pleasurable an experience in the two decades of gaming I have behind me.

    However I suppose it is all down to dollars and cents. So long as making single player RPGs is profitable then I guess they have a future.

  4. BORDERLANDS is mindless goop in my blunt opinion. Its like playing some arcade side scroller in 3D where you shoot at infinite waves of the same type of enemy over and over with no sense of balance as a barely armored foe is more tougher then the so called “BOSS” bad guy. Rewards are totally random so you could end up with something good or not which made the end of the game totally horrible. And dont give me that nonsense about it being about the journey not the destination. GAH! Fifty dollars down the drain. At least DRAGON AGE ORIGINS was well worth the money and then some.

    Single Player games are my favorite so if they ever go out of style i guess i’ll be playing alot of old games i already own and not buying anything. I guess modding would also become a major hobby 😀

    Great scott! The Dad in FALLOUT 3 was right it is all about preparing for the future!

  5. Fix it on pc too, Great game but huge memory leaks and inexplicable slowdowns and crashes. Mine and many others crash with antialiasing turned on, for me ALWAYS in VATS. It worked well on 360, but pc is a nightmare.

  6. Fallout3 is my GoTY on the PS3 .. with Uncharted2 a close second .. Bethesda you’ve done a great job imho .. i loved everything from the story to the sub-missions, sure the game was a little glitchy here and there, but I for one forgive you .. the gameplay was solid and compelling, levelling up was balanced and although some of the voice acting was laughable [but in a good way] i enjoyed every moment .. even after three playthroughs and over 250 hours of playtime i’m still finding things to do throughout the wasteland .. so thank you Bethesda, you deserve every accolade .. congratulations .. i eagerly await your next title

  7. @ Eric W – you don’t know of a single site that didn’t award a perfect score to Fallout 3??? Have you ever heard of Metacritic? Go check it out sometime – it’s fantastic, really. There were quite a few sites who didn’t award a perfect score to Fallout 3.

  8. fallout 3 and other games like this i like very much theres two many games with player partners that really piss me off re5 co op is ok as long as all players work together bethesda keep up the great work psn id angrystslayer

  9. I was never into the whole WORLD OF WARCRAFT etc online thing. The only games that ever turned me on were 3dshooters like QUAKE 3 ARENA,UNREAL TOURNAMENT, F.E.A.R. etc because i didnt have to deal with the rude antics of my supposed allied players who would bum rush the goods or kill people on their own team. I also spend enough time already on single player rpgs so going online seems overboard unless its a quick 3dshooter session or something where the players bad behaviour is restrained by the type of game it is like DAWN OF WAR 2.

    As for my rant above about BORDERLANDS i gave it another try after seeing all these great reviews and action packed videos on YouTube about it. I adjusted alot of the ingame settings like brightness since the default was so bright it looked like there was never any night time. Now i’ve got a gorgeous shade of deep blue at night. I also upped the resolution to 1680×1050 and finally i was seeing all the fantastic graphics gearbox software worked so hard on while still getting great framerates. Even the gore was much more noticeable at the higher settings. Guess i’ll have to remember to leave a game alone for a bit before coming back to it a week later to see if i really like it or not.