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Before heading out for vacation, I thought I’d squeeze in another “around the web.”

We’ll begin with news on Brink. Splash Damage Senior Game Designer Ed Stern recently discussed Brink in a new interview at Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Here’s a snippet…

RPS: The game is quite bright and exaggerated, however. Colourful, even. It’s going against a trend for photorealism, isn’t it?

Stern: I think we’ll see more of this stuff. Look at TF2 or Borderlands, they have unrealistic characters too. And look at all three next to each other, take a screenshot from each of them and none of them look alike.

Brink is also included in a new list of the Top 10 original video games of 2010. You’ll also find that RAGE made the list at #4. For more on RAGE, check PC Zone’s preview that’s currently up at GamesRadar.

In Fallout news, there’s new DLC reviews up. Here’s a snippet from a new review for Point Lookout at GamingBolt

“With Point Lookout, Bethesda has given a near-perfect reminder of why we love Fallout 3 so much.  This game is simply a joy to play.  A dirty, morally questionable joy – but a joy nonetheless.  If you’re looking for a chance to jump back into the world of Fallout 3, Point Lookout is a great place to start.”

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In iPhone news, John Carmack has a new interview up at Macworld, where he discusses developing games on the platform. As for their iPhone games, you can find new reviews for DOOM Classic at TouchGen and TouchArcade.

In WET news, Game Industry News have posted their review of the game. Here’s an excerpt:

“Wet centers around the very cool character of Rubi Malone. She’s an assassin and probably a psychopath, but you will fall in love with her as the game progresses. Kudos to developer Artificial Mind & Movement for making her realistic in terms of her looks. Rubi is awesome, but she’s not an artificial babe like, for example, Lara Croft. She’s thin and perfectly toned, but not really gorgeous in a model kind of way.”

For more on WET, you can read a new interview with Creative Director Patrick Foriter at VG247.

Finally, I was just reading the Holiday Issue of PC Gamer and noticed on page 24, Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul is featured on page 24 in a feature called Maude’s Mods. Nice shout out!

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