Fallout 3 items hitting the Xbox Avatar Marketplace this Thursday (Updated)


Within our forums and in emails, we’ve seen numerous requests that we create Fallout 3 items to Xbox LIVE’s Avatar Marketplace. On Thursday, November 26th, we’ll be releasing the items shown above:

As noted above, all items can be purchased for male and female avatars, with the exception of the Vault Boy Suite (male only). Click the links to purchase them via Xbox.com.

*Updated: As it turns out, we goofed on the price of the Vault Boy Head. This avatar item runs for 160 MS points (we previously posted that it would go for 80 MS Points). Sorry for the confusion.

Reader Comments

  1. Why charge money for these, can’t you make them unlocks in the game as well? I’d like to show my support for fallout via my avatar, but I’m not going to spend real money for fake clothes. DLC is one thing, I get more gaming fun with DLC. I get no additional gameplay with avatar clothing…

  2. I adore the vault suit!

    I would love it if you made some of the summer wear for the ladies and maybe a ghoul mask. How about a Lazer rifle prop? There’s so much more you could do with this 😀

  3. This is great but I hope you have plans for a few more items. One thing I would like is just a Pipboy wrist wear. I have a shirt from Lionhead I am sporting and want something else I can sport with it. That way I can support my two fav studios.

  4. I think all avatar items are overpriced, but this is cool I suppose, I may pick up the T-Shirt though….

    Btw the pic of the team with all the 101 shirts looks like their marching into a prison- Prison 101.

  5. damnit – I said I’d never buy clothing for my avatar…and I think you’re going to make me a dirty rotten liar. If the vault 101 suit was just a little less expensive, it would be an insta-decision.

  6. “Please make a power armour… I would gladly pay 400 MSP for it!! PLEASEEEEEE :’(”

    This is why I don’t get into avatar marketplace.

    A shame none of this gets unlocked for achievements, or segments of the actual game.

  7. Another vote for Power Armor. I’ve been waiting and hoping for Fallout 3 to make an appearance on the Avatar Marketplace, because it’s the only game I’d even consider buying content for. And here it finally is… and no Power Armor.

    I am trying to give you money, Bethesda! Help me help you!

  8. Would be nice to maybe grant us ONE unlockable reward, perhaps for completing every achievement including the DLCs. I wouldn’t say no to a vault jumpsuit, but then again, I bought all 5 DLCs & you still havent patched up the shotty work on mothership zeta, shame on you Bethesda! I buy nothing further from you! I eagerly await Project V13.

  9. Really? T shirts? Bethesda, I have been wishing for SO long for power armor!!! And we get THIS? not even the head piece? Bioshock did it…I’m sad, obviously you HAVENT been reading your emails. I love you so much Bethesda!! I bought all the packs, and beat the game 5 times…please make more

  10. Another vote for Power Armor, I think this many votes (not on just this blog, but every other XBox site in the world) means you guys pretty much HAVE to add in Power Armor. xP

  11. Definitely picking up the vault 101 suit for my avatar. It’s only like what 3 bucks? I am pretty sure I have that in spare change under my couch. Would definitely have liked to see some of the various Merc armors though.

  12. How about bringing some suits to PlayStation Home? Bethesda are kinda leaving PS fans rather high and dry…
    I assume it’s the disparity in numbers between PS3 and X360 owners in the US, but from where I am in UK, it’s roughly on par (wrt sales) – though in my clique of friends, there’re only two with 360s.

  13. John Drinkwater, I completely agree with you. Bethesda are not caring about PlayStation fans, they care only about 360 fans, maybe because they are 360 fans themselves, who knows… Just look at the laggy PS3 version of Fallout 3, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. It’s a sad thing, really, ‘cuz Bethesda was once my favorite game developer, but now I don’t respect them much anymore, for letting PS3 owners down.

  14. hmmm, tbh it would be very struggling to make power armor with all its ‘specialities’ and what do we wait for in the fallout universe ?