The Infernal City: In Stores Now

Infernal Citynew2.jpg

The Infernal City — the first of two books based on The Elder Scrolls’ universe, is being released today and is available in stores and online at places like Amazon.

Look, the holidays are coming. You’re going to be around people you can only stand so much of. Not talking to them in order to play video games doesn’t always go over so well. Reading a book, however…well that makes you smarter, and who could argue against that? And you need a new book, so I recommend getting this one. I think I’ve read it about 4 or 5 times now. It’s really good. If you pick it up, let us know what you think.

In case you missed it previously, see the interview I did with Infernal City author Greg Keyes here.

Reader Comments

  1. Hope my preordered copy gets here soon. The suspense is killing me, I was starting to have withdrawls from Elder Scrolls, this will suffice until I get an ESV announcement…. can’t you at least tell us when youre going to announce it XD!

  2. What about hiring the author(or some other author) as an actual writer for the next elder scroll game?

    When you look at Dragon Age for example you can see what a good writer can bring to a game :).

  3. Just finished it, found it to be impossible to put down, in fact.

    My only regret is reading it so quickly that I have such a long wait for the next book.
    Great work guys, it was awesome that Keyes worked so closely with the devs to get such a thorough exploration of lore.

  4. I admit I was a little disappointed in it. Characters were introduced at the beginning of the book then disappeared until halfway through. It seemed to be a book mostly about cooking, which isn’t exactly the epic story I was hoping for. I also was hoping for a complete story, not the cliffhanger it ended on. Annaig wasn’t very compelling as a character.

    I did enjoy the new bits of lore dropped about the state of Tamriel and the Empire since the events of Oblivion. The state of Black Marsh and Morrowind was fascinating to read about. I also really enjoyed the bits that were told from Glim’s point of view, where you get a good feel for how Argonians think. The jaunt through Oblivion was fun and well done. Sul and Colin seemed like interesting characters I wish we could have seen more of.

    I’ll certainly be picking up the next book, but so far I’m a little let down.

  5. Just finished. An awesome read. Very fast paced, very exciting. Very cool to be in the world through the eyes of Mr. Keyes. He gets it.

  6. Great read. Keyes did a great job incorporating the Elder Scrolls universe into a fantastic story with interesting characters. I found myself not wanting to stop. The many cliffhangers being the primary reason. But along with that; it was just a great book. The cliffhanger ending was a little disappointing, I really wanted to read what happened next to Sul and Attrebus against Vuhon. But I assume the next novel picks up where the first left off. I will be eagerly awaiting the time I get to read it.

  7. I thought the book was one of the best i have read and im now on my second time round. However, I thought the cliffhanger at the end was a real jaw-dropper as I want to find out what happened to Mere-Glim, Annaig, Prince Attrebus, Sul and the other main charracters. Personally I loved it and i really liked how Greg Keys entwined all the characters and the sword Umbra. Cant wait for the second one and I hope with what he has written that you could pull together a game-based sequel to “The Elder Scrolls IV: OBLIVION”.

  8. Please, please, please announce anything about The Elder Scrolls V. Me as like many others have been coming to bethblog and every single day few times a day to see a glimpse in hopes of it…. It is the best game series there is and making it doesn’t eat sales of Fallout-games, I love them too and while waiting for TES V, Im playing Fallout3 goty all the time.. just done anything there is to do in Oblivion goty 🙂

  9. will someone explain to me exactly what happened in the ending? from the attribus/sul side, and of the annaig/glim side? email: [email protected] with your interpretation. . . . i wont state my thoughts, just because i dont want to spoil anything for anyone who hasnt read it yet, but i may have it correct, it may be vague.
    but yeah, its an excellent book. very excellent.