200 and counting!


Congratulations are in order for Game Informer, who are celebrating the release of their 200th issue. To commemorate the occasion, they’ve put together a list of The Top 200 Games of All Time. Among the games included on the list are DOOM (#6), Oblivion (#30), Fallout 3 (#65), Morrowind (#101), Quake 2 (#132), and Wolfenstein 3D (#139). Additionally, the top eight games on their list each received a special edition cover. Above is the cover made for DOOM. You can check out the other seven at Game Informer’s website.

Be on the lookout for the 200th issue on newsstands or in your mailbox.

Reader Comments

  1. I dislike how this particular game mag writes all of it’s “Best Of” topics as if more recent games should always hold higher precedence. Maybe it irritates me more because I see other game mags committing the crime of “Slacker Journalism” Putting Quake and Wolfenstein so low feels very wrong, and I’m not even particularly fond of either.

    I agree with Kimmy in that Morrowind should really be up where Oblivion was, and vice versa.

  2. Doom is a classic, but it’s far too simplistic of a game to seriously be considered for #6 best game of all time. Nostalgia alone cannot make a game great. GI’s opinion is worthless.

  3. I agree that Morrowind should be ranked higher than Oblivion. Despite Oblivion’s cutting-edge graphics, Morrowind was much more immersive story-wise and culture-wise. I never get tired of playing Morrowind (I still play it on my PC) while Oblivion bored me long ago.