Giving Thanks


Today our office is closed as we take time to celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends and family. Over the past week, I asked folks at the office to share what they’re thankful for this year. Check out the list below.

From everyone at Bethesda Softworks, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving….and Go Lions!!

Ashley Cheng: As you read this, I will be in Taiwan, the country where I was born, visiting friends and relatives I haven’t seen in over 20 years. I am very grateful for my family, friends, co-workers and colleagues, and mostly for my beautiful wife, Megen. I’d also like to thank everyone who has ever purchased a game I’ve worked on, thank you so much for your support.

Todd Howard: My family, friends, coworkers and everyone out there who supports our games. And for all the dreamers; the ones who make the games, and the ones who play them. What’s on the screen is never as good as the story you’re telling in your head.

Emil Pagliarulo: As always, I’m thankful for my four great kids, and my wonderful wife who someone manages to take care of us all, before she even thinks about taking care of herself; I’m thankful that I have the best job in the world; I’m especially thankful this year that I’m finally healthy, and really looking forward to what the future may bring; and, last but not least, I’m thankful for my car, the Cherry Bomb 3000 — a red 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T. My God, I love my car.

Pete Hines:I’m thankful that for 10 years I’ve been able to go to work at a place I love, doing something I love, with people I truly enjoy working with and being around. I’m thankful for my great friends and family, two terrific kids, sweet tea, Bojangles’ biscuits, the very existence of Chick Fil A, serious thunderstorms, Wake Forest sports, Caps playoff hockey games, the US Nat’l soccer team, a World Cup to look forward to, being able to still get it done on the soccer field at age 40, that at home I have a stack of good video games to play, entertaining books to read, and a list of movies I can’t wait to see, and I’m thankful for the promise that 2010 holds.

Kevin Kauffman: Thanks to everyone responsible for paying me to do a job that I love and would probably do for free. Also to the best family and friends money can buy… you guys were worth every penny.

Megan Sawyer: I am thankful for my wonderful new husband Matt and the rest of my awesome family who are made of win. I’m also thankful for my friends, our fans, and lastly, for for making every day way more hilarious than it should be.

Michael Onufrak QA: I’m thankful for wonderful friends and family, having the opportunity to work at such a fantastic job, and that Always Sunny in Philadelphia is still making new episodes.

Ricardo Gonzalez, Inter-feast Programmer: I like to think that I’m thankful for most things, even bad ones, but there are a few that I could easily do without. Traffic. The squeal of wood-on-wood. Long linking times. Not owning a jetpack. That’s it. Everything else can stay.

Lianne Cruz: I’m thankful for my loving family; without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m also blessed to have an awesome, supportive boyfriend, whose willingness to drive 5 hours to visit continues to astound me. Finally, I’m thankful to be in the company of such a talented, hardworking crew here at Bethesda. Everyone has made my first few months here wonderful, and I consider myself very lucky.

Mark Teare: Dona my wife and best friend, Ziggy the best baby boy on earth, Shana, James, Hana, Mom Kim, Mom Teare, Dad, Johnny, Brynne, Nick, Teagan, Jess, Jeff (new), Sadie, Wyatt, Gillie, and all of the extended fam!

Brent Krische: I am very thankful for my soon-to-be-wife Ashley, her awesome family, my mom, and all of my close friends. I am also thankful for toilet paper and how awesome Williamsburg is.

Erik Deitrick: I’m thankful for my family and friends, ranked here from more to less important to me. My wife an son, my parents, my college roommate, my sisters and their families, tier 1 workmates, my extended family, tier 2 workmates, my entire set of in-laws(an average of all of their importance, I don’t have time to divide them out individually), old friends who still contact me via electronic means, my laundry guy, and tier 3 workmates.

Mark Lampert: A very big thank you to all of our fans for helping us keep doing the work we do and bring you more great games. Your support keeps the lights on and the coffee brewing.

Tim Lamb: I would like to give thanks to my wonderful wife for letting me play so much MW2.

Michael Lattanzia: Cryptic Studios for giving me a fun, skill-based MMO to fill the void. Valve for giving me Steam…making PC gaming easier and removing disc swapping. Gearbox for successfully combining Diablo with an FPS. Capcom for the hundreds of awesome hours I’ve spent on the Monster Hunter series (and hundreds more I will be spending). Bethesda Softworks for my awesome job working with great games. Raptr for combining all of my gaming and achievements into one simple profile and helping me keep track of what my friends are up to. And last but not least my girlfriend, Sarah, for keeping me sane and just generally being awesome.

Sean Palomino, QA Tester: I’d like to thank my wife Jesse, my daughter Alessandra, and the rest of the family for their love and support. A special shout out to: Myrna Irizarry, Mike Vazques, Rey Vazquez, and Stephen Worland for helping reach my goals. Last but not least, thanks to Bethesda Softworks and the QA department for a great year. Bring on 2010!

William Killeen: My family, friends, and co-workers. Thanks for helping my life move past “rad” and merge full on into “awesome.”

Jen Tonon: My friends and family who prevent me from doing stupid things to myself because I don’t know when to stop piling on projects. Thanks for keeping me sane and grounded in reality. Also, my puppies and kitties who make me smile, even when they poop or pee on my guitars. I’m thankful that I can wake up each day and say that I have done so much in 26 years that some people can’t say for their entire lives. Times have been hard, but I am blessed to be here today.

Matt Grandstaff: My lovely wife Erin, all my family, friends, co-workers and colleagues. As always, I’d also like to thank all the fans in our community for supporting and playing our games. I’d also like to thank the NFL for continuing to allow the Lions to play on Thanksgiving.

Reader Comments

  1. Am thankful for living in one of the best community residency programs for the disabled which allows me and pushes me to be part of the community and giving me the opportunity to live a real life compared to when i was younger when my entire life was being locked away in my room due to my schizophrenia. Am also thankful for computers during this period because it was one of the things that kept my mind occupied and busy instead of rotting away. This was ten years before even getting on the internet. Am thankful for a brother inlaw who introduced me to computers and changed my life for the better. Am thankful for a family that is always there. Am thankful for being able to give back to so many people the happiness i have felt. Am thankful my growth is never ending with something always to look forward for. Am thankful for consequences..ouch.

  2. Oh am also greatful finishing WARHAMMER 40K DAWN OF WAR 2 on Thanksgiving night. Talk about sweet timing when i usually get the battle lust to play a Warhammer 40k game nonstop during this period of the year since the early days of FINAL LIBERATION ๐Ÿ˜€

    Nothing finer then seeing EPIC VICTORY! on the screen before my eyes with a rank of Templar Of Doom ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Im thankful for the elder scrolls series, Bring on elder scrolls 5!!!!! I already have my collectors edition pre-ordered XD and im thankful for my health, family, friends, and my knowledge of computers and other electronic related things. And for my knowledge of the game industry!

  4. I’m thankful for Hellbishop – his comments always make me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK, but it’s really fun to see you guys being happy and celebrating the things you enjoy in your life.

    For my part, I’m pretty grateful for such wonderful friends and family, and also for the frankly ludicrous Steam sale this weekend which is filling up my hard-drive, fast!

  5. Thanks am flattered and flattened by the stomper the Princess Stomper ๐Ÿ˜€

    And i too am grateful for your funny charming supportive of everyone presence Mrs.Princess Stomper ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes Steam has some amazing non-stop deals this weekend. Just goes to show why they’re the best. The Valve gods have blessed them greatly since HALF LIFE’s release.

  6. I am thankful for good health, and my first full month in remission from cancer. I’m thankful for another good year, and all the things it brings. More personally I’m thankful to Bethesda for making immersive games which made my hospital chemo stays shorter with Fallout 3 and Oblivion, as well as porting them to XBOX so when my back hurt too much to sit in my computer chair I could do so from the comfort of my couch. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Thank God for my existing in this world! I’m also thankful for all good friends I have! And thanks to Sony and Sony Computer Entertainment for their PlayStation consoles!