Fan Art: Where’s Wally?


Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition launched in Japan this week. To mark the occasion, established Japanese fan artist White Lotus sent in the above mural to our Tokyo office.

As you can see, it’s an impressively dense piece of work. I consider myself a rabid Fallout fan, but I’m not sure even I could put a name and/or species to every wacky face. How about you guys?

For more of White Lotus’ work, check out his website here. And as always, if you’ve got a piece of original fan art you’d like to see featured on the blog, drop us a line at [email protected].

Reader Comments

  1. I think the only one I can’t ID is the green-hatted guy in between the fingers of Libby’s left hand, right over Ashur and Wehrner.

  2. @ Mr. Tissue Box – I think that’s Reilly on the top left, isn’t it?

    @ Madcat221 – If you mean who I think you mean it’s Tober from Point Lookout

  3. The top left person is that Initiate that the BoS has you rescue. The Bro with the missile launcher is the paladin that sends you to do that.

  4. I just realized who the guy with the Outcast helmet, Tesla suit, Alien blaster, and Enclave helmet in hand on Libby’s head is: Casdin. Brilliant.

  5. Ooo them Super Mutants and Behemoths look raging. Oh my that pink Feral Ghoul in the corner appears to have had one too many mole rat for dinner.

    What a wonderful candy feast of colors for the minds eye.

    Thanks White Lotus and all involved!

  6. Here’s hoping the Japanese PS3 version of the GOTY isn’t an unplayable mess like the US one.

    Sweet art, either way. Incredible detail. Agatha happily strumming her violin made the pic for me.

  7. the only guy i cant get is tha guy to the right of the mechanist and to the left and under doctor li kinda looks like wolverine my only geuss is harkness…maybe