Fallout 3 DLC Makes G4’s ‘Best of 2009’


G4 has announced the nominations for its “Best of 2009” awards, and the Fallout 3 add-ons Point Lookout and Broken Steel both made the “Best DLC” category.

To check out the full list of nominated games, head over to G4TV.com. The winners of each category are set to be announced on the December 15th episode of X-Play, which airs at 6:00PM EST on G4, as you can tell from the giant image above.

Reader Comments

  1. Congratulations Bethesda and heres to victory!

    Ye gads! Am surprised DRAGON AGE ORIGINS wasnt nominated for more categories. Its an amazing satisfying rpg though i have found myself loving it one moment then liking it not so much the next moment. Currently am loving it with the latest patch released Dec 9th.

    Borderlands has its thrill as long as i look at it as a free roaming shooter and not the action rpg its being advertised as.

    What??? No WARHAMMER 40,000 DAWN OF WAR 2??? This explains why Chaos is..rising.