Found in the mailroom — Morrowind apparently is time consuming


Thought I’d share this note sent emailed over to me by Alistair Hatch, our European PR Manager. It was included in a package sent to our UK office along with a copy of Morrowind. If you can’t see what the note says, it reads as follows:

“Dear Zenimax,

This game is incredibly addictive. It’s the devil! All my precious time is being devoured by this monster. I must sent it back to you before I start playing again. I hope I never buy a game like this again! Mercy on the souls of the computer nerds out there.


Almost sounds like Frodo returning the ring to Mordor. Maybe y’all can make this person feel better by sharing how much precious time you’ve invested in the game.

Reader Comments

  1. Well, about ever since I got my Xbox. So probably like 5-7 years. Good times. I sold it once because I got the 360 and couldn’t play it. No xbox live for me in the country. Question, I recently got the GOTY version and can’t get it to play on my 360. I got the update (manually installed on a disc) for the xbox games but it just refuses to play this. Any explanation?

  2. oh god i’ve played this game since it came out i’ve put about 1,200-1,500 hours in this game but ill never send it back no matter how addictive it is its like a drug

  3. I played it everyday for years someone said 100 hours that’s a new charactor file for me my top charactor files has 1300 hours right now ha ha it’s way better than oblivion and horribly addicting failed plenty of classes due to this game

  4. By the nine idk how long I have played morrowind, I thought that oblivion and fallout were amazing games, then I got morrowind….. OMFG….

    P.S. What ever happened to levitation, mark and recall, spears, thrown weapons, and scamps sounding funny?????