Found in the mailroom — Morrowind apparently is time consuming


Thought I’d share this note sent emailed over to me by Alistair Hatch, our European PR Manager. It was included in a package sent to our UK office along with a copy of Morrowind. If you can’t see what the note says, it reads as follows:

“Dear Zenimax,

This game is incredibly addictive. It’s the devil! All my precious time is being devoured by this monster. I must sent it back to you before I start playing again. I hope I never buy a game like this again! Mercy on the souls of the computer nerds out there.


Almost sounds like Frodo returning the ring to Mordor. Maybe y’all can make this person feel better by sharing how much precious time you’ve invested in the game.

Reader Comments

  1. Oh boy… Between all playthroughs? Only Azura knows…
    Considering It’s my favorite game of all time.
    I’ve had the game for 5-6 years and I still play it to this day.
    I’ve spent at least 300 in oblivion and I’ve played morrowind way I don’t think I even want to know! ^_^

  2. Probably over 150 hours. Keep in mind that I’ve probably spend as long if not longer searching for mods, installing mods, troubleshooting mods, or just posting about mods.

    Somehow, I’m not sure which half I enjoyed more. Not that Morrowind isn’t a fun game! I just love the thrill of modding almost as much as I love playing the mods themselves!

  3. wow… I picked it up from a buddy soon after it came out for xbox and still make a new character at least three times a year! I love this game more than life!

  4. Played it for two years without knowing there is a main quest…and i had fun.
    Best game of all times…it’s *my* precious…and noone’s gonna take it from me.

    Beth: What about TesV, btw ???

  5. Get your own damn copy of the game, jeeze. You’re not having mine.

    I don’t really count hours, but I have played Bethesda games in leiu of newer games numerous times, Morrowind especially.

  6. The game that is Morriowind, was highly inspirational for letting my imagination run wild and it was extremely magical to me and will always hold a place in my heart. 🙂

  7. Time spent playing Morrowind? I don’t even want to think about it!…

    Oblivion = 600 – PC = 300/360 = 300

    Fallout = 200 – PC = 120/360 = 80

    Morrowind = Eternity – It’s absolutely timeless

    I hope the next installment provides as much aw inspiring wonder as TES:3 has… fingers crossed!

    PS Please bring back levitation & spears!?!?!

  8. If you include every time I’ve played the game and it crashed, forcing me to re-do a few hours of playing, and trying to get mods working, the number of hours would easily be 5 digits. Number of characters created would be in the hundreds (with 80% being Dunmer). Number of times main quest completed? Probably ~20.

    I’ve also purchased 4 copies of the game (2 original, both lost, 2 GOTY editions, one lost expansion discs).

    And I’ve persuaded 4 other people to purchase it (since 2006).

  9. I have been hoping for a while now that this game would come to Xbox live. I would absolutely plunk down my M.S.P. for this classic. I can only hope I speak for those of us who never had the chance to play this great game when it originally released. Pleassssse Bethesda?

  10. Probably close to 1000 (ingame) hours. Could be more. I also spend hundreds of hours searching mods and modding myself. My sis also spend a few hundred hours on morrowind.

  11. Morrowind-Xbox-1000+ hours
    Morrowind-PC-400+ hours

    Oblivion-PC-1000+ hours

    Fallout 3-PC-600+ hours

    I’m not giving any of them back either. looking forward to dumping 1000+ hours of my precious time into TES V. Can’t wait.

    Bethesda is the best, thanks for giving me so much entertainment for my money.

  12. How many hours? Hmm… I don’t really know to be honest. I do know that I’ve played for several hours and have restarted the game multiple times. I’ve also completed the main quest with two characters and finished the mq of both expansions with one character and then played with certain mods… Giants Ultimate is one of the few that I remember because it gives you a challenge after one hits the level cap.

  13. My combined lost hours (pleasurable lost hours) across Bethesda games is too scary to think about. Morrowind, Oblivion and Fallout3 – Eating up my leisure time since early 2004. I look forward to wasting more hours on those games, which I still play. And of course, future games. 😀

  14. Well a rough guess would be 700-800 hours in Morrowind alone. I still play it though so it will be more in the future. Still think it’s the best game in the series so far, and definately the one that entertain you the longest!

    I wish that bethesda would remove those irritating markers telling you where to go, in the next TES or Fallout they make. It’s way more fun finding out on your own.

  15. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours sunk into Morrowind on my part. I loved (and still do) the game to bits. Loved it so much I bought the game twice (when it first came out and again when the GOTY came out). I even made a little fansite called The Daily Vivec which was slightly popular back in the day but it’s gone now.

  16. Morrowind is definitely my most played single player game of all time (probably 500+ hours). My top multiplayer games would have to be Counter-Strike (easily 1000+) and Team Fortress 2 (just passed 800 hours).

  17. I bought Morrowind in 02 for the XBox originally.

    Still playing it on the PC close to 2010. 🙂

    I’ve long past moved on from Oblivion and uninstalled it and I’m finally getting to that point with Fallout 3 now.

    But Morrowind…

    You guys did something amazing there. Something special that keeps calling me back almost every month. I’ve went through about 5 discs of the game since it’s release. Meaning, I’ve played out 4 discs to the point where they stopped working!

    I’d say I’ve spent at the very least 1,500+ hours on the game over the years.

  18. I’ve been playing for seven years…how many hours is that?
    I have three different copies of Morrowind and Bethesda will never get them, never!!

  19. Five precious years!Over a thousand hours I bet, or could it be thousands? And once again just yesterday discovered new locations on a quest I´d never done before, doing a questline I´ve never followed through before…
    I live on a boat and Morrowind (and Oblivion) Goty discs are top priority in my “emergency escape bag” at sea. I clutch that bag nervously when storms arise, arrr.
    Little did I know when I first set eyes on Jiub!

  20. I explored every single house/dungeon, did almost every quest with my main character and completed multiple times the main quest and the expansions with at least 4 characters, had like 10gb of mods, made my own house with the contruction set… I played this game more than WoW (and I have 120 days of played time on that one).

    We need another HUGE game like Morrowind (or maybe Daggerfall?), definitely.

  21. roughly 1,200 hours for me. I actually liked it more than Oblivion aswell, so much more character building availible, so much more to do.

  22. Let’s put it this way. If you divided the 100 dollars of Morrowind I own (game + expansions), by playtime, it comes out to having spent somewhere around a nickle an hour of playtime. And that’s a generous estimate.

  23. One of my favorites, spent about 80-100 hours on Morrowind and Bloodmoon together. Prefer Oblivion though, I like having more detail. It really aids in exploration and brings everything to life.

  24. I sorta agree with Carey on this one. In general, I think Oblivion is a better game than Morrowind, but the main quest in Morrowind is far better.

    I know that Oblivion’s standard interface (PC, btw) is bad, but Morrowind’s is masochistic; every try to gather alot of alchemical ingredients? And fighting a rat when you’re level 2 with a sword or hammer and it killing you multiple times is a bit irritating at first.

    Morrowind: 100-200 hours, I didn’t really keep count/remember

    Oblivion: 400+ h

    Fallout3: 120 h

  25. I honestly don’t want to know. I’ve been playing the game on and off for the last four years. Let’s say one or two months, every other six months.

    Then Oblivion, which I still play like Morrowind. (Too bad the disk is scratched into oblivion.)

    Then Fallout 3 which I played the whole summer but then got completely sick of it. Although it’s starting to tickle again.

  26. I’ve been playing MORROWIND since the first week it came out in 2002 sometime in march or may. Thank goodness it delievered in spades compared to MIGHT AND MAGIC 9 which came out the previous month from what seemed like only days before New World Computing shut down its operations. I guess i can count myself fortunate it came out at all along with the TELPS UNOFFICAL 1.3 patch.

  27. In hours? HA, I couldn’t even begin to speculate. I’ve been playing the game for a very long time, it was the first game I got for both my Xbox and my first computer. The first game I got for my 360 was Oblivion, and the first game I ever played was Daggerfall. So it’s safe to say that I have spent a LOT of time playing Bethesda games, a lot of good times, trying to land my Orc warrior after using the scroll of Icarean flight and not die(I did by the way). Great times, I still play all of them, Morrowind more than any of the others. Thank you Bethesda for so many great games and good times.

  28. I adore all the TES saga,but yanno…Morrowind rules out all the competition.I still play it(again&again)…and it’s about 3-4.000 playing hours from ’02 to present day…Oblivion is beautiful…Fallout is nasty and cute…but Morrowind got SOUL.
    We need something monumental like Morrowind again…please!!!

  29. I spent about 3 months of my life in solitude (when I wasn’t in school) when it was first released and now I find myself replaying it just to get my hands on a series of books I once read in it that aren’t on the elder scrolls website. Something about a descendant of the house of Dagoth hearing the call and going through a massive war. You can imagine how hard it is to find a book series in a game when you don’t even remember the title, all I remember was how rediculously hard it was to find… but damn I love those books. <– Shows exactly how much of my life Morrowind absorbed.

  30. I would probably have died of dehydration or lack of sleep while playing Morrowind if the game didn’t crash occasionally.

    Thank you Bethesda programmers for saving my life!

  31. I’ve been playing Morrowind since it came out, and I’m 18. My first character was a complete , a Khajiiti barbarian. He wandered off into the ashlands near pelgiad and walked for miles until he reached foyada benidad and died of exposure

  32. I can’t count the weekends (and weekdays) spent playing this game, but I have been playing, it for 7 years? (I didn’t realise the figure was so high…)
    Anyway, I still am playing Morrowind compulsively, and playing Oblivion occasionally (man it’s depressing feeling like I beat Oblivion).

  33. I’ve been playing this since it came out on the xbox, then the bloodmoon and to this date..I’m going to play it on the computer, still on my xbox.. love it!, not to mention the 360 – Oblivion. I cant wait till the online game comes out soon!

  34. Returned the game cause it was too time consuming? Criminy, I wish games all games were this long and detailed. I have played too many games where it directed you down a path. And what I mean is no side quests and no nothing. Just a main quest you had too finish. When I get bored, I just become the thief and go around and steal crap just to see if I can get away with it. Not too mention it is fun to Fight the Ordinators in Vivec. I love games like this. Hopefully Betheseda will come out with an TES 5 sometime soon. I am addicted to these games. LOL

  35. Hmm, time spent at Morrowind? PC and Xbox combine would probably equal 1000 hours or so. I partitioned 50GB off my hard drive for Morrowind and mods to make defragging easier on the rest of my system ^.^

  36. I started playing Oblivion not so long now , i’ve finished Oblivion and Finished Shivering Isles and played arround 150 hours + (in a month and a half!!!!)

    I’ve tried Morrowind today and i can’t imagine how am i going to live the next 2 years. It’s absolutely amazing!

    Bathesda , THANK YOU! Even though i didn’t buy the game at first , BUT I BOUGHT THEM BOTH NOW(oblivion goty and morrowind) Thank you!

  37. I started playing Morrowind in 1997 (x mas present) when it was released, had such a bad computer that every time I went through a door I went to make a cup of tea. Only to come back sit down have a few biscuits while watching grass grow and then I could carry on playing. I almost finished the game with the same computer (when I took it to a shop to get the graphics card updated the guy said the computer was cheaper than the card I was going to buy…). Soooo I probably spent easily over 10000 hours playing (or maybe that in just waiting), also little tip for those who love adventuring check for underwater coastline caves there are quite a few and some are quite long (don’t forget those water breathing potions). Also I would really appreciate if Bethesda would make a patch to fix the cheating without cheating using fortify intelligence potions then making more potions etc etc until you can have 5000+ strength, endurance, intelligence… for like 1 billion seconds. Last but certainly not least I prefer Oblivion graphics but Morrowind game play so Bethesda should make the Morroblivion mod an official patch so everyone can play Morrowind with Oblvion graphics without having to own both! Do I need to say how much I love the game?
    P.S Don’t even try to look for my copy let alone me giving it back!…… and bring No.V out pleeeeeeease!? (you can delete this bit but get back to me on the Morroblivion i’d much prefer an official patch) Thank you!!