Broken Steel Wins IGN Award, ZeniMax Throws Party


Congratulations are in order for the Fallout 3 DLC team, as IGN tonight recognized Broken Steel as the “Best PC Expansion of 2009.” Check out the full list of award-winning games here. Fallout appears to be in good company.

In further celebratory news, last weekend’s ZeniMax holiday party brought our big gang together for a long night of carousing and general ballyhoo. Who couldn’t make it through the night without tripping down the stairs? Click through to find out!

[Edit: Sorry, what happens at the holiday party stays at the holiday party.]

Anyways, amongst the extended family in attendance — including ZeniMax Europe, Asia and Online — our friends at id Software were represented well, with Todd Hollenshead and many of his crew making the trip up from Texas.

In fact, prior to the hoedown, John Carmack drew on his considerable expertise in presenting a speech on future technology to the company. The illuminating lecture lead to many knowing nods from the developer-heavy crowd, and many confused head-scratches from Matt and me.

With id under the roof for a few days, it reminded us all what an exciting time it is for ZeniMax. Gamasutra agrees; “DOOM and Fallout in the same house” was named as one of this year’s top five major industry events.

Speaking of id, Apple recently listed DOOM Classic as one of this year’s best-rated iPhone games. On that tangent, AskMen also named DOOM’s “BFG” as the best video game weapon of all time.

The BFG is certainly iconic, but I have to express a strong personal preference for the double-barreled shotgun.

What do you guys think? Best DOOM weapon?

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  1. [Ohh, I see it now. Days of our lives, Bethesda Game Studios version. I bet on Todd going into a coma.

    Left by Igloo on December 15th, 2009 ]

    And then coming back to life after surviving and learning new skills in a dream world called MORROWIND in KILL BILL style.

    Congratulations Bethesda on the IGN win. Thats one A+ quality list of winners i havent seen the likes of since reading COMPUTER GAMING WORLD and PC GAMER in the 1990s.