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  1. Uhhm, Altmer…. Bethesda Softworks is the game publishing apparatus for ZeniMax. Bethesda Game Studios is the dev studio that makes Elder Scrolls.

  2. These publishing announcements are starting to pi$$ me off. none of the game are even good. I’m still waiting that your even developing TES: V. I don’t care if it comes out in 2012, I just want an acknowledgment that it is in the works.

    It seems Bethesda is trying to separate themselves from the TES series, and make a name for themselves. Well it’s not working, and it never will.

  3. *facepalms at Tony*


  4. Tony, if Bethesda wanted to distance themselves from the Elder Scrolls series I don’t think they would have contacted Greg Keyes about doing Elder Scrolls novels. 🙂

    Oblivion wasn’t unveiled (or even announced) until two years after developement began on it. Fallout 3 was unveiled over a year after it entered full production.

    Bethesda doesn’t like to announce things until they have a substantial amount to give us. If we’re lucky Bethesda’s next game will be unveiled in early 2010 (I’d wager later winter or early spring) although I’m guessing it will be a current generation title running on a further upgraded version of the Oblivion/Fallout 3 engine. If it’s a “next gen” title chances are an announcement is even further off.

  5. Rage looks awesome, I hope it gets the kind of publisher hype it deserves. Id kind of got the shaft from Activision the last decade or so.

  6. I’m vaguely remembering some BGS big-wig saying there was gonna be an announcement at some big show, probably E3. Can’t source it because I can’t remember where I read it…

    Here’s hoping for TES 5…

  7. @ Tony: Precisely! This is torture: New Game to Be Published!!!! Not TES though…. 🙁

    @ Madcat221: I think he was referring to the fact that it’s posted on their blog as well that there has been no TES announcement. This is filler, as was Rogue Warrior, WET, Brink, and a host of others. Even to the publishing part of the company TES = BIG $$$. Although, I don’t know how many more of these filler Bethsoft publications I can take……