Weekend Update: Snowed in edition


Bust out the sleds and snow tires! The Capital Wasteland is under a snow advisory, so I thought I’d warm up and share some of the latest news around the web (and in print).

Last month we let you know Australia kicked off voting for their 1st Annual Golden Joystick Awards. The results are in — with Fallout 3 winning Xbox 360 Game of the Year. Meanwhile, you can pick your favorite games in Gamespot’s Best Games of 2009 Reader’s Choice Awards. The Gamespot staff has nominated WET for Best Original Music and Fallout 3 for Best Downloadable Content/Expansion.

In addition to handing out awards, the end of the year is always a good time to look ahead. Kotaku has a photo tour of 40 titles they’re looking forward to on Xbox 360 next year — a list that includes both Brink and Fallout: New Vegas. As we have more details on both games, we’ll let you know.

Finally in print, the January 2010 issue of OXM has a feature titled “How The World Ends.” The article is a bit an “apocalypse how?” — discussing games that tackle possible ways Earth could reach its demise (and the possibility of that actually happening). Among the grim futures they discuss are atomic warfare (Fallout 3), Meteor Impact (RAGE), and the inconvenient possibility of global warming (Brink). Look for the issue on newsstands to find out more.

That’s it for now — time to build a snowman.

Reader Comments

  1. I hear the DC areas gonna get pounded with like 12-18 inches, up here in New England were getting about a foot of snow. Good luck with that snowman 😉

  2. I haven’t heard a peep of anything pertaining to FO:NV since the announcement that it was being developed… Any news on that front?

  3. [This winter’s looking to be a cold one with a lack of updates on any projects in the BethSoft camp.

    Left by Z. Daniel Phoenix on December 19th, 2009 ]

    Maybe i’ll get to finish a Bethesda game before the next one comes out then. So far FALLOUT 3 is the only i have finished with TES 2 DAGGERFALL a close second i would have finished if the game had not gone buggy in the last dungeon with Lysandors crypt.

    Wowzers thats alot of snow in DC. Nothing says christmas better then snowy landscapes. Got quite a bit here in New York City but nothing like everywhere else it seems. This storm also broke the 77 year old record for most snowfall in december and all in one day too.

  4. Hellbishop

    After all the mods you’ve made for Oblivion (Assuming you’re one and the same, I’m fairly shocked that you never finished it.

    I’d absolutely have to suggest playing and finishing Morrowind.

    In the world of “Modern RPG” versus traditional bleak, hopeless dungeons (of the TES II variety), I’d have to say it’s Bethesda’s brightest moment.

  5. Hey Z.Daniel Phoenix yay verily tis i though MentalElf seems to think otherwise 😀

    As for making mods i’ve had the previlage and gratification of being a beta tester on tons of em but i have never actually ever made a single one except a few for personal use after i finally figured how to do some cool body part mix and matching with the MORROWIND Editor aswell as replacing sounds like a MORROWIND mod based on a talking sword from BALDUR’S GATE which i replaced with demonic voices from the old 1990s Bradley WIZARDS AND WARRIORS rpg.

    Recent beta testing which was alot of fun was for Williesea’s HAUNTED HOUSE mod and MISTER 😀 Pepsi’s HELLISH ARMORY mod which i didnt even know i was a beta tester for 😀

    Reality is so confusing.

    Yes MORROWIND is amazing and it was the first and only rpg to date to get me so connected to the Forum community. DRAGON AGE ORIGINS has my attention though especially with DarkOne making a mod section for it with his web of Nexus sites.

    I do prefer DAGGERFALL though a tad more but only because it suits my horror movie tastes a bit more with huge dungeons to get lost in for real time days. Talk about surreal immersion.

    Right now am playing FALLOUT 3, OBLIVION, MORROWIND and DAGGERFALL. Thank goodness am not playing ARENA otherwise i would have no time for other non-Bethesda games. Well i guess i could put in a bit of a focused time slot if i wanted..

    As for finishing the games..mods are the exact reason i havent done so..heh..hee hee..YA HA! HA! HA! Oh my fat head!!!