Cannibal perk engage


What do you do when your city is suddenly carpet-bombed with 20 inches of godforsaken snow? This, apparently.

After grabbing one of the few cartons of eggs left in the state, my girlfriend and I set out to fashion a holiday treat for the suckers dedicated Bethesda devs that came to work on Monday. Of course, finding ingredients during a record-breaking snowfall turned out to be the easy part. Finding a mold that would double as the Vault Boy was the really stupid challenge.

That being said, if you can somehow locate a large Gingerbread Man-shaped aluminum mold, torturing it into shape with a pair of needle-nose pliers does the trick. Important steps: after cutting, be sure to fully crook the arm, and add a slight hair-flip/thumbs-up for the classic pose. Optional step: add love.

A few people have asked me for the recipe: Joy of Cooking’s “Rich Rolled Cookie” is the one. Gray-colored shoes were achieved with a mixture of basic frosting and equal parts red/blue/yellow food coloring. There’s certainly plenty of room to improve on the decoration.

On that note, if you guys have seen and/or produced any cool Bethesda or id-themed holiday creations, be sure to pass them our way. We’re hungry.

Reader Comments

  1. Fantastic. Sidenote: I always thought the cannibal perk should have had a stronger benefit considering the potential drawbacks and length of the animation.

  2. Those cookies are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    Ha 20inches! We had over 60 over night last year, 127 inches total last year. (And I walked barefoot uphill both ways in it LOL)