Around the Web: Post-holiday purging


The trees are coming down, the family has left town, and the big ball will soon be dropping. This probably means that many of you are finally getting some time to enjoy that hot holiday loot. Outside of red picky sweaters, what sorts of stuff did you guys haul in this year?

Of course, since family members can’t often be relied on to buy anything cool, some of you are probably looking to treat yourselves with a little gift card action. Toward that end, UGO recently put up its “Things Every Gamer Should Own” feature. In a teasing gesture, the list’s number one slot was occupied by the unobtainable Fallout 3 Brotherhood of Steel statue (pictured above). Unfortunately, the editors there have since outfitted the imposing soldier with a dainty fanny pack. Perhaps it’s time for the other brothers to stage a rescue op.

Though the statue isn’t for sale, the article did feature David Kushner’s great book “Masters of Doom,” which tells the unique story of id Software’s founding. Having read it years ago, I can personally recommend it as a very entertaining, informative read — excellent material to have on hand for these cold winter months.

And if you were lucky enough to score a new game console, GameSpot’s got some helpful start-up guides to get you going. Here’s a link to the Xbox 360 edition, complete with Fallout 3 and Oblivion recommendations.

Speaking of lucking out, our little Christmas Day Twitter giveaway has a winner. For participating, Twitter user ShortSword won himself a copy of Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition on Steam. Congrats to him, and thanks to everyone for taking part. We’re looking forward to running more of these giveaways in the new year.

Reader Comments

  1. I got the Monkey Island set of all 5 new adventures – was most surprised and pleased! When (if!) I ever finish Dragon Age, I’ll look forward to trying them out.

    I also went a big mad in the Steam sale and grabbed STALKER and Torchlight for next to nothing and also treated myself to the Dragon Age DLCs.

    The majority of my haul was in DVDs and vouchers for more DVDs, so at some point I’m going to actually have to stop playing Dragon Age and watch them all … unless I learn to multitask.

  2. My xmas rewards from Santa Karma are a wonderful mixture of positive elements coming together to give me my just desserts much undeserved-

    LEFT4DEAD 2 even better then the first!

    SAMURAI REINCARNATION Sonny Chiba is gonna get ya!

    ROLLARBALL with James Caan seen from my now adult eyes compared to when i saw it as a child.


    TERMINATOR SALVATION oh my metal decimation upon quantum strings echoing.

    THE LORD OF THE RINGS TWO TOWERS havent had a chance to see it busy.

    Happy New Years everybody and..everything.

  3. I got:

    Fallout 3 – Game of the Year addition
    (gave my old copy of Fallout 3 to my brother)

    SOCOM Confrontation: Cold Front

    COD: Modern Warfare 2

  4. My loot:
    -Mirrors Edge
    -Secret of Monkey Island (Ah the memories)
    -Xbox 360
    -Alienware Laptop
    -Bestbuy gift card (I can’t decide on Dragon Age or Borderlands)

    Hope everyone is happy and healthy in the new year!