Todd Howard raps Live on Kotaku Talk Radio tomorrow


Have you ever wanted to have a conversation with Bethesda’s own Todd Howard? To just hang out and really get to know the man? To chat long into the night about the most intimate of Fallout and Elder Scrolls details?

Well, we may not be able to help you there. However, we can offer you the chance to ask Todd a question on Kotaku Talk Radio. He’ll be making an appearance during tomorrow’s show, which kicks off at 1pm EST.

K-Talk is a live broadcast production, so a few lucky callers will get to query Todd in real-time. Be sure to ask him to bust a few rhymes — T-How’s got mad skills, but rarely gets the chance to flaunt.

Head on over to Kotaku for more details.

Update: You can now listen to a replay of the podcast or download it from iTunes.

Reader Comments

  1. Oh my goodness this sounds like some old holo recording in the FALLOUT 3 wasteland :D.

    Quick someone make a mod! Or use the Hamada Radio mod to add this to it 😀

  2. Good interview chat. I hadn’t realized that Beth lost the Trek license while doing Fallout. Perhaps that’s for the best though.

    No new Elder Scrolls info, of course. 🙁

    I did like how Todd said at the end he would like to bring back a sense of Culture to the Elder Scrolls games like what Morrowind had. That was my only large gripe Oblivion.

  3. The last tidbit sounds pretty sweet. I’m getting pretty pumped for Fallout: New Vegas this year, hopefully it’s an earlier release but I think I may be able to deal with a Q3 or Q4.

  4. Thanks MSFD for the NPR show transcript ha ha. I was saying to myself Eh? this doesnt read like what i heard on Kotaku 😀