New Year’s Resolutions


This post comes a little late (you can find out why in my resolution), but I thought I’d share some of the New Year’s Resolutions from folks at our office, in Europe, and even over at Zenimax Europe.

Just like you guys without jobs in the gaming industry, many of us are looking to get a little more fit in this year — and with a gym being installed at ZeniMax HQ, many of these resolutions could make it through January. On the other hand, some of our resolutions deal with playing games — so that might be counterproductive.

So here’s a rundown of some of our resolutions. Wish us luck, and let us know what you’re shooting for in 2010.

Ashley Cheng: To break 100K in Bejeweled Blitz.

Devin Winters: Start going to 24 Hr. Fitness

Shane Liesegang: Stop over-committing myself to various projects so I can have more downtime, get out a bit more socially, and finally finish enslaving humanity.

Brent Krische: Sleep and exercise more and brush up on my programming.

Megan Sawyer, Environment Artist: I should make a resolution to never make resolutions again and see how well that goes next year. Heh.

Alistair Hatch: Play more sport.

Sean Palomino: Get a new hobby. Aikido or bass guitar?

Natalie Gausden: Get fit, and finally learn to drive!

Rob Bartholomew: This year I will almost certainly finish my Japanese lessons, almost certainly.

Jennifer Tonon: Lose those last 4 lbs (8 down!), go into pre-production for the next movie, and write more songs.

Pete Hines: As with most years, I resolved to try not to get myself killed or do anything colossally stupid.

Ryan Salvatore: Go to the gym more (now at home and at work -— no excuse!), paint more, and learn to play the guitar like a hippie.

Regi Jacob: Get back in shape. Learn to draw. Start playing games regularly again (this goes hand in hand with my holiday wish of buying a house, because when you cram your entire family into a 1BR apt, Elmo > Xbox).

Zack Quarles: Start running again, more personal music/recording projects, and go out and play/sing live at a couple of venues.

Michael Lattanzia: Spend more time programming in my free time and play more games to completion.

Laffy Taylor: Where the golden grill I got for Christmas.

Matt Grandstaff: Fix my back and be able to walk again, then start running again and start playing more PC games (mostly WoW, since I only have Macs at home).

Reader Comments

  1. I see a lot of fitness goals on that list.

    The wife and I have both started up Wii Fit and The Biggest Loser training stuff to lose some weight and get healthy. I find myself playing way too many games because I’m too tired to do other things. So time to fix that.

  2. [Pete Hines: As with most years, I resolved to try not to get myself killed or do anything colossally stupid. ]

    Yea funny how that happens. One minute everything is going great next thing your tempting the fates and you see yourself a split second in the future as if talking to yourself saying,”Why the heck did i just do that???”.

    Its like..ADDICTION.

    My New Years resolution is to not be such a nice guy this year. Unfortunately some friends are throwing me and my buddy a sort of appreciation and birthday party rolled into one. Ugh! Cant anything be easy to do 🙁