Brink Character Customization Video, and Some Slick Posters

Want to get a look at just how deep the character customization is for Brink? Splash Damage director Paul Wedgwood gives us a taste in the above walkthrough video, now available to view in HD on the Bethesda YouTube Channel.

The new clothing-centric clip was also sent to several sites via mail, with some snazzy posters and unique packaging to accompany it. Many of them have since shared shots of the various accoutrements, including Kotaku, Crave OnlineVG247, Destructoid, Major Nelson, Xbox 360 Achievements, TechlandGamingOnly, GameBlog.Fr and PS3trophies. If you’ve seen others, let us know.

And if you’re in Europe and looking for hands-on coverage of Brink, Splash Damage put together the following list of magazines featuring the game this month:

  • PC Zone
  • Play3
  • PC Jeux
  • Joystick
  • Xbox 360 – The Official Magazine
  • PlayStation – Official Magazine
  • PC Action
  • Power Unlimited
  • Hobbyconsolas

Plenty more Brink info is on the way soon, so stay on the alert — like this guy.


Reader Comments

  1. Looks absolutely stunning! I believe the concept artist/team is in need of a raise. The art direction is really quite beautiful.

  2. Please confirm that your video’s with the XBOX360 controles are indeed footage of the XBOX360 version.
    People dont think its possible, I know you use new tech.

    thanks !

  3. Woah! Nice body/face creation system along with the tatoos which look like works of art. Would be cool to see something similar in TES V.

    Gear and clothes are very inspiring with plenty of character and love how one can choose their colors.

    Impressive eye catching preview! Thanks for the thrill 😀

  4. Ehhh, it does look good. But they really didn’t describe what “unlocks” these sets of gear, tattoo’s, etc. And if any of that stuff actually changes the dynamic of your character, or their abilities.