New Splash Damage Developer Profile: John “Nifty” Molloy


Splash Damage is hosting a new developer profile on Brink designer John Molloy, or “Nifty” as he’s been called since childhood. According to Splash: “Procedurally generated by the great Meme-Mills of Tartary, John is one if not all of the Lagrangian points of the Design team, remaining motionless against the gravitational tug of our Enthusiasms and Fears.”

Says John of his favorite game:

Must have co-op, must be action orientated, and must have a strong story. I’m going to go with The Secret of Mana on the Super Nintendo, a 3 player co-op RPG.

The profile even includes a cameo by John’s mum, who details the ins and outs of British video game systems circa 1983. Give it a read on the Splash Damage site.

Reader Comments

  1. I finally watched the videos for Brink. I gotta say I’m quite impressed. It appears they’ve nailed the FPS and RPG combo. It looks almost like it plays like Call of Duty, but with more intense action. Hearing the bullets whiz pass your head, the sounds of bullets ricocheting, and the explosions everywhere. Plus the on-the-fly class swapping and online play sounds interesting. I’m just hoping Brink doesn’t turn out like Borderlands. Which was only good if you played online and I’m not one for playing with random people, it just never works out well. To many trolls.