TESting Your Knowledge — our first winner!


On Monday, we concluded our entry period for the first TESting Your Knowledge trivia question. To recap, here’s the question:

After Talos acquired and powered the Numidium, the mage Zurin Arctus supposedly became known as the Underking. However, records make mention of another Underking, long before Arctus’ time. What was this Underking’s name at the end of the Second Era?

Because this was the first question, we decided to accept two answers: Ysmir Kingmaker and King Wulfharth — because they’re one and the same. An ancient king of Skyrim, he was in fact called Ysmir Kingmaker at the end of the Second Era, but could still be referred to as King Wulfharth.

We had many folks email in one answer or the other (and both), but there could only be one winner. Congrats to Christopher Perdue of Dallas, GA on winning a signed copy of The Infernal City.

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