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  1. This is pretty cool, I wonder how many soldiers out there also do stuff like this. I’ll probably will to when I join up to lol. Hope him the best of luck in Iraq, it’s almost as bad there as in the capitol wastes.

  2. Great 1970s photography book! This should be in a art museaum!

    The first picture with the lunch box reminds me a bit of TERMINATOR SALVATION.

    Thanks for everything Sgt. Francis Horton and for the sacrifice unrepayable.

  3. That first picture is an awesome photograph. Could be a game still. Thanks for posting, and many thanks to Sgt Horton for his service to the country.

  4. Wow, didn’t know this went up on the blog. Just to clarify, it is Spc. Samuel Soza in the photos, I was the photographer. We have a lot of down time here and get time to game on a regular basis if the war isn’t being too bothersome. Thanks for the support and thank you Bethesda for a great game