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GameSpot readers recently voted for their favorite games of 2009, and Fallout 3 was singled out as having the best post-launch DLC of the year. Thanks, GameSpotters.

For an update on Brink, check out the Electric Playground’s chat with Splash Damage director Paul Wedgwood. Lots of good footage in there, too.

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Reader Comments

  1. I’m getting a bit more excited for Brink after having seen some of the gameplay videos. Looks promising. It looks like Splash Damage has grasped the FPS meets RPG concept better than Borderlands. Hopefully there will be a good amount of exploring. I’ve yet to see a game with the same amount of content as TES or Fallout. Maybe Red Dead Redemption will change that…

  2. People need to understand that Brink is (unless they’re keeping some HUGE secrets) a spiritual sequel to the Enemy Territory games.

    Expect a class-based FPS with persistent unlocks in which both campaigns are coop-able or versus-able.

    I read people expecting an open world game, or a a more complete fusing of RPG with FPS, and I think they’re setting themselves up.

    This game is primarily a FPS, with a set of specific objectives for each level. The longevity comes from trying to counter them differently online.

    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is free, and I expect a similar type of RP mechanics in Brink (although apparently unlocks are persistent in Brink).

    As such, it looks awesome, and is one of my most anticipated games this year.

  3. The only reason I say “FPS and RPG” is because of what I’ve seen in videos, XP points and character customization. I’m not expecting a huge open world or anything like that. I think the videos have made it clear (to me at least) that Brink will be linear. If each level is similar to Container City or The Ark, then I have no reason to believe it to be an open world game.