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The TESting Your Knowledge trivia series continued last Friday, as the following question was put to Elder Scrolls fans:

Mehrunes Dagon was defeated by Martin in the end of Oblivion Crisis. Dagon was also defeated in Mournhold back in the First Era. Who did defeat the Daedra Prince?

A few thought this question beneath you, but there was a slight trick to it: the Immortal God-Kings Almalexia (pictured above) and Lord Sotha Sil both took out Mehrunes with a little tag-team action. The encounter is recalled in the 2920 entry of the Imperial Library. Here’s a snippet:

[Mehrunes Dagon’s] attention was arrested by a needle-thin shaft of light piercing through his black and red shadowed sky. He followed it to its source, two figures, a man and a woman standing on the hill above town. The man in the white robe he recognized immediately as Sotha Sil, the sorcerer who had talked all the Princes of Oblivion into that meaningless truce.

“If you’ve come for the Duke of Mournhold, he isn’t here,” laughed Mehrunes Dagon. “But you might find pieces of him the next time it rains.”

Mehrunes was a bit of a jerk.

Jules van Laar of Voerendaal, Netherlands is our big winner this round. He’ll receive a signed copy of Greg Keyes’ Elder Scrolls novel “The Infernal City” for his trouble.

Thanks to everyone that participated. We’ll have another question up later in the week.

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