Planet Elder Scrolls names Hall of Fame mods for January


Planet Elder Scrolls has announced the latest Hall of Fame mods for Morrowind and Oblivion. Here’s a look…

Morrowind mods

  • Leveled Magicka by hessi9: This mod increases your maximum magicka at 4% per level (at level 26 your starting magicka has been doubled. The mod requires having either the Bloodmoon or Tribunal expansion.
  • Rise of House Telvanni by Pozzo, Bhl, and Karpik777: Pictured above, this mod is an extended version of Pozzo’s Rise of House Telvanni. By a series of quests and political decisions the player can either lead House Telvanni to political predominance or expand it moderately.
  • Hilgya the Seamstress by Plangkye: A new shop in Dagon Fel selling some fancy threads for Better Bodies 2.o.

Oblivion mods

  • Benirus Manor – Necromancer’s Lair by Vypress: Vypress’ first mod, Benirus Manor adds a necromancer’s lair to the basement of Benirus Manor in Anvil.
  • Harvest [Flora] by Quarn and Dejunai: This mod changes the physical appearance of plants if you have harvested them.
  • The Heart of the Dead by BFreyermuth: A sizable new quest mod that features new characters, hours of new quests filled with new dungeons, and more.

Congrats to all these modders for their contributions to the community.

Reader Comments

  1. So, Morrowind has always been high on my list of games that I wish would be remade. It’s such a wonderful game, but the spectacle that it should have been is undone because of the graphical limitations of the original Xbox.

    It was frustrating that you were on an island dominated in all senses (physically, culturally, politically) by a volcano in the center, and yet the draw distance was such that you never could see the volcano unless you were right there. You couldn’t even see Vivic while standing on the docks of Ebonheart, another impressive vista that wasn’t.

    I would love to see a version of Morrowind that could do those things. Make it so that the volcano loomed over every point on the island, like seeing Mt. Rainier from anywhere in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Perhaps you could see the dim blue glow of the ghostfence at night, undercutting the red volcanic hues above the caldera. Or you could see Azura’s statute silhoutted on the horizon. Or, heck, even that mammoth glacier that sits on the northwest side of Solstheim.

    Vvardenfall was one of the most unique locations I have ever visited in a game, but it got the short shrift due to technical limitations. With the 360’s lifespan being increased by a couple of years, why not reintroduce the game to old friends and a new audience? Seems like a perfect use of late-gen mastery of a console’s capabilities.

  2. @ Paul, I recall reading about a mod in development where some people are trying to make Morrowind and Solstheim on Oblivion’s game engine. Maybe you should check it out?