Fallout: New Vegas Teaser Trailer now online — watch it and win!


Today we finally crack open the vault for Fallout: New Vegas. Head to our Fallout Official Site to watch the teaser trailer for the game.

In the coming weeks, there will be cover stories coming out on the game in various countries. When those come out, we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, we’ve opened up our discussion for Fallout: New Vegas. You can start discussing the game and the teaser trailer here.

Additionally, to celebrate the release of the teaser trailer, we’ve come up with a contest where you’ll have a chance to win a Fallout: New Vegas poster — signed by the developers at Obsidian Entertainment. For a chance to win, Twitter users can retweet our official tweet about the trailer (found here), or join our Facebook fan page and “Like” the Fallout: New Vegas trailer.

Full rules after the break…

Twitter/Facebook Contest Rules

  • Two signed Fallout®: New Vegasâ„¢ posters will be given away randomly (“Promotion”). Users have a chance of winning by:

1) Tweet to Enter: You must be a registered user of Twitter® (www.twitter.com) to participate in the Promotion via Twitter. If you are not a registered user of Twitter, simply visit https://twitter.com/signup to register, which is free. Qualified participants must re-tweet the Official Fallout: New Vegas Tweet, making certain to include the specified hashtag in their reply (“FalloutNewVegas”). If you make or receive tweets on your mobile phone, standard text messaging rates will apply. In order to participate in the Promotion without receiving tweets on your mobile phone, be sure to deactivate your mobile phone from your Twitter account. LIMIT: ONE (1) TWITTER ENTRY PER PERSON OR TWITTER ACCOUNT PER DAY.  Twitter entries from the same person and/or Twitter account in excess of the number stated herein will be disqualified. Any attempt by an entrant to use multiple Twitter accounts may result in disqualification at the discretion of Bethesda Softworks. Any use of robotic, repetitive, automatic, programmed or similar entry methods or agents will void all entries by that entrant; or

2) Registered Facebook users that either become, or are already “Fans” of  http://facebook.com/fallout can “Like” the Fallout: New Vegas trailer on the Fallout Facebook page to become eligible for entry to win.

  • All entries must be received by 11:59 pm EST on Sunday February 28, 2010 (“Cutoff Date”). Any entries submitted after the Cutoff Date will not be considered. Any attempted form of entry into the Promotion other than as described herein is void. Any foul play detected will result in automatic disqualification.
  • Only one entry per person or account at Twitter per day.
  • Employees of Obsidian Entertainment, Bethesda Softworks, and ZeniMax Media and their immediate family members are not eligible to win.
  • The winners will be chosen in a random drawing of eligible entrants who retweet the Twitter message or “Like” the Fallout: New Vegas trailer on Facebook by the Cutoff Date.
  • All participants must be 18 or older to enter and verification may be required before a winner is announced.  By entering the Promotion, the entrant agrees that, if chosen as a winner, Bethesda Softworks may post his/her name on our website.
  • We will contact the winners by email or through Twitter or Facebook.  The winners must supply us with a name and mailing address.  If a winner cannot be contacted or does not respond, we may randomly draw an alternate winner.
  • The winners will receive a Fallout: New Vegas poster, signed by members of Obsidian’s team.

Good luck!

Reader Comments

  1. About as descriptive as the Fallout 3 one was. Looks good though. Hope it’s more like a Bethesda game than a typical Obsidian game (forced 3rd person, NWN2 style, etc.)

  2. Very cool news! Fallout 3 was very awesome.

    Now, Bethesda would REALLY make my day if they made a special announcement about Elder Scrolls V.


  3. Amazing. I really like Beth for giving Obsidian folks a chance. It is a must buy, just like great Fallout 3. When I remember how much I wanted sequel to Fallout 2, back in 98..and ten years it took, but Bethesda revitalized the best franchise ever made and Fallout is huge again, I love it!

  4. Like Z. Daniel said, not very descriptive. But I didn’t expect much description. This just kicks off the marketing campaign lol.

    But I will say it’s safe to say that New Vegas will arrive before TES 5. Hopefully we’ll hear at least something about TES 5 at E3. I won’t expect a teaser trailer, but at least give us word that it’s being worked on.

  5. I really cant wait for this, I want to use killer puppets!! I’m talking about the 77 on the guys back. You guys did a great job with Fallout 3 and F:NV is going to be awesome, be sure to make the Special edition awesome and available to everyone. I wanted to get the Survival edition but I dont use credit cards cause I dont want to mess with those things and I really wanted to get it!!! Hope you guy’s are making Fallout 4 during all this as well!!!

  6. i too cannot wait!!
    as far as the contest, what about us men that dont twitter or face(palm)book? why not use this blog for entries?

  7. This is great. It’s nice to know the next fallout game will be done by people who actually know what they are doing and won’t screw it up.

    BTW, I agree with Akatosh. Get back to making ES games already. It’s almost been half a decade for Pete’s sake. Get back to work.

  8. Very atmospheric and feels true to the FALLOUT series while bringing the difference of a new game world locale and all its goodies.

  9. I am soooooooooooo excited for this game! I have about 300 hundred hours put into F3. I got all the achievements, searched all the buildings, got the MERV and did everything I could possibly think of doing! I’ve been going crazy without Fallout in my life. I’ve been waiting for NV since I first read about it in Game Informer last summer. It’s so close now!! And the teaser trailer looks sweet!