Fallout: New Vegas — cover stories hitting soon

After yesterday’s unveil of the Fallout: New Vegas teaser trailer we wanted to make sure you knew about some of the “first looks” publications are getting of the game.

Next week in the UK, be on the lookout for New Vegas cover stories in OXM, PSM3, and PC Gamer. All three publications will be on newsstands on February 11th.

Stateside, PC Gamer subscribers can expect the New Vegas cover story next week (on newsstands on March 2nd). Meanwhile, both OXM and PlayStation: The Official Magazine will have features on the game – subscribers can expect to see these later in the month.

As more coverage on the game emerges, we’ll keep you updated.

Reader Comments

  1. Why would you guys release the info out of the states first? Sometimes I wonder about the logic of this stuff, then I go back to digging my tunnels. Forever digging…

  2. @Maccy Man — I think you misread. The UK is getting three cover stories next week on newsstands. In the US, only subscribers are getting the PC Gamer cover story next week. Long story short, Europe and the US are both getting coverage next week 🙂

  3. I LOVE fallout 3 and will get New Vegas regardless but i would love to be able to make the character run like you can in games like borderlands, mw2,etc. Other than that, i think its perfect.

  4. Ohhhh….ok then, thats very good. Though I wish that Gameinformer was getting some stuff as that is the only mag I subscribe to lol, guess I can head down to the store and look through a copy of OXM. This is very good news for me, I’m really into PA stuff.

  5. Will area 51 be in the game? Because Las Vegas is very close to it. (no area 51 is not in rosedale New Mexico, that was the site of a alienlike blimp crash)

  6. All the stuff that I am hearing isnt making me want to play this. I just dont like much of whats supposed to be in it. Still Bethesda did such a great job with Fallout 3 I have to try this one to, you guys arent gonna let it be bad.

  7. How does a desert ranger have a pip boy? I guess it will be refreshing to play as a character who doesn’t come from a vault. New Vegas looks fancy; wouldn’t be surprised if some new pre-war technological faction is behind its administration.

    Just from this trailer, I’m getting the vibe that this is the sequel to the original Fallout that the boys over at Obsidian always wanted to make.

  8. Oh man oh man oh man! Its been a long time since I was in the NCR and I hope Bethesda will let me rap up some unfinished business there. I fell in love with Fallout the minute I saw an ad for it on an Interplay promotional video sent to my house in like 96. To see it coming back so strong just might be the greatest thing in the world, next to making it happen! I love you Bethesda!

  9. Guys the new Fallout looks sick but could we please get some new info on the next Elder Scrolls? It’s been…*checks the collector’s edition of Oblivion*…4 long years and not even a single leak has come out.

  10. I heard some stuff about the new game that said that you wouldnt come from the vault (not the stuff about being a chineese spy, other stuff). I dont like this because if that happens then you lose the biggest connection with the icon of Fallout, the vault-boy, im in love with that guy (no homo) i think hes hilarious. I heard about the options of different backgrounds and stuff ( like the chinese spy) and im hoping that coming from a vault will be an option too. If anyone knows anything (like in a month or now) about this tell me please! Thanks.

  11. I would love to see actual weather happening, thats one of the things that would have so helped in Fallout 3 to break up the hours I spent walking the wastes looking for something to loot. Some of the parts of the game would have been a lot more dramatic if there had been rain during it, like the battle for the Purifier or right after you blow up the Enclave Mobile Platform, or maybe once you get to the Citadel if you choose to blow that up.

  12. I love the idea of not coming from a vault. Now as long as it isn’t stupid difficult as the radscorps were at the beginning of F2.

  13. I do still wish that there were going to be vehicles in Fallout New Vegas. Not just the pack brahmin but maybe a wagon or a bicycle or an animal you could ride. Of course I wish we had cars, dune buggies, dirt bikes, pick-up trucks modified with turret guns in the back, I can dream can’t I. That is why Badlands came along, they know that if you could make a Fallout 3 type of game with vehicles in it than everyone would be sold. However, I haven’t plaid Badlands b/c I can tell it is going to be cheesy, fake, and nowhere near as complex as the Fallout line. Tell me again, why can’t we have any vehicles. Physics won’t allow wheels?