What we’re playing: Preparing for the Snowpocalypse edition


With the Capital Wasteland under a storm watch, Team Bethblog has already headed for the Vaults. Things are looking to get pretty ugly — speculation of 30 inches of snow, long lines for milk and bread, and yes, even the chance of giant cats attacking the Brotherhood of Steel.

There is good news — folks in our Maryland offices can take comfort in knowing they’ll have a couch, TV, and videogames at home. As you’ll see, for many, it’s a chance to really dig into great new games like Star Trek Online and Mass Effect 2.

Here’s the games we’re playing. Have a great weekend.

Michael Lattanzia, QA: Lots of gaming this weekend since we’ll be snowed in… White Knight Chronicles, Entropia Universe, Borderlands, and painting some Malifaux miniatures. Oh, and maybe some Battlefield Bad Company 2 (PC) beta!

Brent Krische: Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 2, and oh yeah, more Mass Effect 2.

Devin Winters: Mass Effect.

Michael Musick: Finishing up Mass Effect 2 over the weekend and replaying the original Bioshock before picking up the sequel and Dante’s Inferno next week.

Adam Adamowicz: Fallout 3…still fun.

Megan Sawyer: Star Trek Online, and various iPhone games (Bejeweled, Wheel of Fortune, Game of Life, Solitaire, etc).

Nate Ellis: Star Trek Online, Saboteur, and Sins of a Solar Empire.

Todd Vaughn: I’ll be finishing Twilight Princess with my daughter and getting in some quality time with Assassin’s Creed 2 and Borderlands.

Amber Hinden: Mass Effect 2.

Joel Fun-n-Games Burgess: Darksiders, Powerpoint, and Skype.

Larry Waldman, QA: White Knight Chronicles (if it got delivered… damn you snow!)

Dane Olds: Mass Effect 2.

Alistair Hatch: Trials HD (I am soooo addicted to this), Batman AA, and Borderlands.

Matt Grandstaff: onlinegames/basketball (GOTY??), finishing Resident Evil 5, Mass Effect, and New Super Mario Bros. Can’t wait for Bioshock 2!

Andrew Scharf: Mass Effect 2, Uncharted 2, and maybe starting Assassin’s Creed… uh, 2.

Gary Powell: Duke Nukem 3D XLA, Bayonetta, and Uncharted 2.

Ashley Cheng: Mass Effect 2, Madden 10 online franchise

Orin Tresnjak: Dragon Quest IV and PixelJunk Shooter.

Ryan Lea: Mass Effect 2 and Star Trek Online.

Daryl Brigner: Mass Effect 2, Skate 2, and maybe I’ll finally finish up Bioshock in anticipation of the sequel.

Louis Riley: Bioshock, Darksiders, and driving home down 270 in the snow.

Josh Mosby: Online Games Basketball – Beat the Office Edition, FIFA 10, and CubeRunner (iPhone).

Laffy Taylor: Mass Effect 2, dress up with my daughter.

Dan Ross: Company of Heroes and maybe some “Find the Car Under the Massive Snowdrift.”

Zachary Quarles: Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 1 (in preparation for next week!), and Torchlight.

Aaron Mitschelen: Beating Mass Effect 2 last weekend kinda leaves me unexpectedly dry this weekend.

Mark Lampert: Mass Effect 2 and Agricola.

Nick Breckon: Mass Effect 2 (because I am not living in the previous decade oh snap), Empire: Total War, and Super Mario Land.

Caedmon Somers: Mass Effect 2.

Caedmon Somers: Mass

Reader Comments

  1. I’ll be starting Bioshock up again too. I’m from Delaware so we’re expecting just about the same amount of snow. At least Spring Semester got pushed back!

  2. Just ordered Mass Effect 2 a few days ago, it should arrive tomorrow. So I will be playing that.

    Just finished Dragon Age a few days ago. It’s strange to play a game from the same Dev so close after another. Bit dissapointed with the Dragon Age DLC despite the appropriate low cost, they are more like early Oblivion DLC than Fallout 3 DLC.

    ah… I’m having dreams of playing Fallout 4 just three months after the release of Elder Scrolls V… but NOT if it meant a delay of ESV!

  3. I wish we got snow here along the coast, but then again I dont much like the cold cause my feet never seem to be able to stay warm. I prefer the desert, though at night you might as well be in the artic with the temps we get. I want to play Bioshock 2 already, stupid 360 and it’s aversion to working hard.

  4. We’re getting snow right now. Won’t be anything like 30 inches lol.

    Back to the old PS 1 now. Playing Treasures of The Deep.

    And Oblivion on PS3

    And maybe MW 2 or GTA IV on X360.

    I actually used to be a PC gamer until I got tired of having to constantly upgrade my system, whether it be through hardware failure or the fact that some games simply didn’t run well even with above recommended specs.

  5. [@ Nick Breckon: “Mass Effect 2 (because I am not living in the previous decade oh snap)”
    Oh shut up! :-p

    You know what happens to naughty rats?

    They get tickled!

    Left by Princess Stomper on February 5th, 2010 ]

    Ha ha interesting and funny.

    As for playing old games i get the same response when talking about MORROWIND especially the its time to move on angle 😀

    The blizzard hasnt hit here yet in New York City but it’ll be here any time now. Everyone is jetting like a Battlemech to New Jersey where it may have already started. Guess its a perfect time for indoor festivitie especially on a SUPER BOWL WEEKEND.

    What am playing at the moment:

    BORDERLANDS- Oh the joy of berserk mode!

    FALLOUT 3- with mods galore to enjoy.

    OBLIVION with Waalx’s WAC mod and Sotobrasto’s OSCURO’S OBLIVION OVERHAUL thanks to a special homemade WAC patch by a fan which makes them compatible. Link available at Waalx’s website.

    DAWN OF WAR DARK CRUSADE- Dang! They’re laying the smack down on me.

    DAWN OF WAR II- in preparation for next months expansion release of CHAOS RISING.

  6. I’m still playing Doom Classic, Doom Ressurection, Duke Nukem 3D, Wolfenstein 3D and Prey Invasion on my iPod Touch. The gaming on the iPhone and iPod Touch is sooo addictive!

  7. Finishing up trophies in Darksiders, then on to the Bad Company 2 PC BETA!

    Waiting for….

    Dante’s Inferno
    Bioshock 2
    Heavy Rain
    God of War 3

  8. There was a few weeks of snow here, which is a rarity.

    Anyways, playing Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 2 and more Mass Effect 2…

  9. Great Mumbo Gumbo! Mcgee! The blizzard totally bypassed the area where i live in New York City! I guess it will be an arctic Super Bowl Sunday without the slippery shimmering shine of snow capped hills on streets turned into trenches of icy walls.

    Oh well back to Fallout 3 and Borderlands along with a bit of Wolfenstein.

  10. Well, I need a good gaming laptop (because I’m a PC gamer and I don’t like bulky gaming rigs) to play me newly purchased The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year! I can’t wait!

  11. I’m on the point of giving up with Batman – even the Easy setting is just too sodding hard! On an easy setting, I basically don’t expect to die – let alone get killed off seven or eight times in a single level. If you press the wrong button, you have to wait for the entire animation to finish before you can do something else, and if you’re standing on an electrified floor while that happens, it just becomes tedious and annoying. Is the game clever? Yes – but it’s just not fun, and that makes it fail on the most basic and fundamental level.

    You know what is fun? Torchlight, so I’ll be playing a lot of that. I also had the random urge to play Oblivion after finally finishing The Infernal City yesterday – see, Oblivion is what I consider to be a fun, relaxing, enjoyable game.

    Bejewelled Blitz’s new features are pretty good fun, so that’s been a cool timewaster for me, and I may get drawn back into Tales of Monkey Island and/or Borderlands before the weekend is out – when I’m not modding Morrowind, of course.

  12. [If you press the wrong button, you have to wait for the entire animation to finish before you can do something else, and if you’re standing on an electrified floor while that happens, it just becomes tedious and annoying. Is the game clever? Yes – but it’s just not fun, and that makes it fail on the most basic and fundamental level.

    Left by Princess Stomper on February 7th, 2010 ]

    I know how you feel Princess Stomper 🙁 I couldnt stand how the whole animation had to play through before i could do my next move. It totally killed the sense of realistic reflexive natural movement i was expecting. It started making me feel like i was going through pre-planned actions like in a movie instead of the on the spot change at a players whim freedom of choice in a video game. Eventually i stopped playing because the frustration level was just too high especially with the Jokers funny remarks afterwards which got annoying after the twentieth time of dying in the same situation.

    Yea TORCHLIGHT and BORDERLANDS are the definition of FUN! 😀 No stress there. I also heard good things about PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES.

    OBLIVION is great though i tend to play it too dark with the brightness and my music selection. Right now though everything is just right with alot of 1990s DAGGERFALL music and other rpg music like BATTLESPIRE,THE IMMORTAL, DUNGEON MASTER II etc. Keeps things creepy fun instead creepy serious 😀

  13. Well if me name be not Father Omally! Thee glorious SAINTS have won thee day! Praise be to those holy Football warriors of legend and pass the mustard covered ribs!

    As for what i be playing in celebration of such a grand joyous moment tis be a fresh install of FALLOUT 3 with no mods for the purity of it all!