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For the fourth TESting Your Knowledge trivia question, we asked you to name a god — any god — that appeared in The Elder Scrolls: Redguard. And after labeling last week’s question “too easy,” the vast majority of this week’s entrants came up with “Clavicus Vile” — a respectable, but ultimately incorrect answer. As it turns out, Clavicus is in fact a Daedric Prince, rather than an Aedric god.

Forum moderator and Imperial Library contributor Attrebus provides us with an explanation of the correct answer:

Hunding (The Redguard call him Hoonding) appears in TES Adventures: Reguard, not as a person, but as a symbol. When trying to bring Prince A’tor back to life, something appears to go wrong with the ritual, and his soul ends up in the sword instead. According to Tamriel Gods: Yokuda/Redguard:

“In this last incarnation, the HoonDing was said to have been either a sword or a crown, or both.”

A Prince in a sword certainly meets that criteria.

Only three contestants came up with HoonDing, and Daniel Rossi of Dallas, Texas was the lucky winner among them, earning himself a signed copy of Greg Keyes’ Elder Scrolls novel “The Infernal City.” Congrats to Dan, and thanks to everyone for participating. The next question will hit tomorrow, so study up.

Reader Comments

  1. It’s not that prince in a sword meets that criteria, it’s that prince in a sword is what “In this last incarnation, the HoonDing was said to have been either a sword or a crown, or both.” is describing. Unless there is another war with Tiber involving a Hoondinger.

  2. Maybe this has been asked in one of the other TESting posts, but… is this all leading into a possible announcement to the next chapter in the TES series?

    I for one, certainly hope so – I am bored waiting. The last game that I put serious time into was Oblivion. FO3 was alright, but not really my type of game. I played it for about 2 weeks and gave up on it. I really need something to patch that hole in time, which has been missing for far too long now.

    C’mon Beth! – Your fans are craving that epic style of FPRPG that only you can produce.

    Oh and congrats to Dan!

  3. man, people just won’t give up on everything being a hint on the next Elder Scrolls! I think Oblivion was one of the finest games I’ve ever played, but I can accept the fact that they release the games several years apart which can very easily mean they are not actively developing a new one. Personally, I’m fine with the release schedule, they’d never be of the same quality if they were released every 2 years! Last thing you’d want is a rushed Elder Scrolls to kill the reputation of the franchise!