Around the web: Brink screenshots make their way online


In case you missed our Bethesda Softworks Newsletter last week, we released four screenshots never before seen online for Brink. Check them out in our  newsletter archives (where you can also subscribe) and at Brink’s Official Site.

For more news on the game, be on the lookout for the latest issue of Game Informer (issue 203), which recently hit subscribers. The two-page feature includes all-new screenshots and info from the game’s Creative Director, Richard Ham. Additionally, Richard’s full interview will be available to GI subscribers at

In other print news, the February issue of OXM features their end of the year awards — where we won the Best Fan Service award.

As you know surely know by now, we released the teaser trailer for Fallout: New Vegas last week. If you haven’t spent enough time dissecting it, IGN’s Rewind Theater lends a hand. Watch below…

In related news, GameBanshee has named New Vegas their Most Anticipated Game of 2010, while naming Broken Steel as their runner-up for the Best Expansion/DLC of 2009. See the rest of the winners here.

One of the GameBanshee’s biggest winners, Bioware, has been giving us shout outs recently. The company’s co-founders, Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk, both told USA Today’s Game Hunters that Fallout 3 was among their favorite games of the decade. Elsewhere, Dr. Ray discusses Bethesda in an interview with UK site Guardian. Thanks for the praise, as noted many times on this blog, we’re big fans of your work!

Moving on, Ash let me know that last week’s Quarter To Three Games Podcast prominently features Fallout 3. Give it a listen here.

On the MMO front, Zenimax Online Studios’ president Matt Firor appears a new feature at entitled The MMOG Landscape in the 2000s. Here’s a snippet:

“The fact that MMOGs are becoming as easy to get into as console games has spelled success for the major players in this space. The overall progression of this trait goes back pretty far – when Dark Age of Camelot was released, we were all only focused on EverQuest customers and how we could appeal to their needs while expanding interest into our brand. At that time, the PvP component – Camelot’s RvR system – was a great innovation, but we also were able to give people easier access to our product since the bar was still set quite low.”

Last, but certainly not least, YouTube user Taioo put up this piano tribute to the Fallout: New Vegas trailer. Be sure to watch all the way to the end, and then check out more of his medleys on his YouTube channel.

That’s all the news fit for this blog post — see ya next time.

Update: Got news from our UK office that Rubi Malone from WET was voted as the favorite female character by voters at

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