OXM UK talks Fallout: New Vegas with our own Pete Hines


Following the release of the Fallout: New Vegas teaser trailer earlier this month, we haven’t had to wait long for new info on the game. OXM UK was one of the many magazines to feature New Vegas on the cover of its latest edition (pictured above), and now the publication has released an episode of its podcast entirely dedicated to the subject.

Featuring Bethesda’s Pete Hines as the special guest, the ‘cast includes over 40 minutes of fresh Fallout talk. New Vegas is covered upfront, with Pete taking questions from the listeners in the latter section. Head over to OXM UK for links to the podcast in multiple formats.

Reader Comments

  1. “Question – why won’t you send Mr. Sawyer or Avellone to speak about the game? Someone who is working on that? :/”


  2. I just want to say this…”I would wait 2 years for a dlc if it was shivering isle size or bigger.” I love Fallout 3, its the best game that I have ever played(even with the bugs and occasional freezing)and I would keep buying dlc till I was broke. Now to talk about the podcast, I’m glad you guys are working on all the little problems that happen in F3. I really like that you guys put weapons modding into the game, the weapons in 3 just got so bland after a while. Would it be so much to ask to be able to modify armors as well? Take them to like a blacksmith for upgrades, or get spray paint to put symbols or camo on the armor. This all just me talking, cant wait to play New Vegas!!

  3. i too would still buy fallout 3 dlc. gimme dogmeat armor!!

    i heard that the new xbox mag had this article but wondered why mine was different.

  4. Only thing that borthers me about that podcast is the ever present sound of a guy breathing into his microphone 🙂
    Other then that it was great and I’m really looking forward to Fallout New Vegas!

  5. Dogmeat armor, comes in power and leather armors. Would be interesting, and give dogmeat a little laser on his back for the power armor, a little minigun on his back for the leather.

  6. Maybe make Dogmeat a cyborg, if not make armor for the pup? Make dogmeat something less annoying than K-9 from Doctor Who, but fully interactive and tough as nails, too.

  7. Can’t wait for the Vegas to come out!! I hope we get to choose perks and level up like in fallout 3 but this time the limit e little bit more extended 🙂 and I hope we get to use bikes, cars,planes some Hand made planes would be awesome:)

  8. I cant wait for the new fallout to come out. I keep hearing that will will be WAY better than fallout 3 and if it is when will it have a game of the year edition?

  9. I can’t wait for Fallout: New Vegas to come out, I’m interested in (if) and what schematics will be in the game. The Shishkebab was completely awesome and so were the Nuka-Grenades. It would be good to see the weapon customization on hand-made weapons as well.

    Plus your in Las Vegas, there has to be gambling, maybe a slot machine or a little poker.