Now hitting subscribers: Exclusive Fallout: New Vegas details in latest PC Gamer


We mentioned this a couple weeks back, but wanted to let you know that subscribers to PC Gamer (US) should be expecting the Fallout: New Vegas cover story, written by Dan Stapleton, in their mailbox any day now (if you haven’t received it already).

If you’re not subscribed to PC Gamer, the issue hits newsstands on March 2nd. To tide you over, here’s a look at the magazine cover.

Reader Comments

  1. I had a dream last night that below the Fallout: New Vegas stuff in this article, you said “Oh, ps, we have some new Oblivion stuff coming out.” It had some pretty amazing visuals, and looked like it had some good potential.

    The point where I should have realized that it was a dream was where you guys mentioned that Thane Krios was going to be a character in the game. But instead I just wondered how you were going to integrate Mass Effect 2 and The Elder Scrolls.

    Oh well.

  2. What I would love to know about is the relationship between the Bethesda Fallout team and the Obsidian/Black Isle folks who created and shaped the first two titles. It is great that Obsidian is getting a shot at the IP, and I hope that at some point there is some kind of insider diary that hits on disagreements, discussions, and reconciliaton of ideas between the two teams. This is a fairly unique circumstance in gaming, at least that I can think of, so here’s hoping you document it as an interesting juxtaposition of IP ownership, the creative process, and game design.

    Seriously, though, props to Bethesda for reaching out to the company for this project. I was one of those who lamented the loss of “Van Buren,” so the F:NV news is some of the best gaming news I have had in years.

  3. Did you guys tell them that they really did have a ‘world exclusive first look’ or did they just put that on it without realising you had given the story to three other gaming magazines in the UK already?

  4. As far as I can tell the PC Gamer article had the most into, I cant wait to go to the Lucky 38. They were talking about rides up on top of it like the Stratosphere. I wonder if we get to ride it for money or something? That would be a perfect little thing to do when your bored and want to do something fun and stupid.

  5. it said on their article that a new issuer came out yesterdat is this true because that means streight after school im running to the game shop to buy the new magazine !!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhi want it so badly