You Say Potentate, I Say Potentato


Previously on TESting Your Knowledge, we asked Elder Scrolls fans to name the last Akavirian to rule Tamriel in the Second Era.

Unlike the prior week, this one didn’t stump many of you: Savirien-Chorak, the son of Potentate Versidue-Shaie, was the final conqueror to rule over the contentious continent. This excerpt from The Imperial Library tells of his untimely demise:

The latest ruler of Second Empire, Potentate Savirien-Chorak, and every one of his heirs is murdered by The Dark Brotherhood/Morag Tong. This marks the end of the Second Empire.

After a random drawing, Jake Gott of Portland, Oregon was our winner. He’ll receive a signed copy of Greg Keyes’ “The Infernal City,” and the satisfaction of knowing he is the current Potentate of Elder Scrolls trivia. Thanks for participating everyone; you’ll have another chance to win later on in the week.

Reader Comments

  1. Got it right. Still didn’t win. It was a good question, I was banking on people instinctively writing in his more famous father, Versidue-Shaie. Didn’t play out that way. Congrats to Mr. Gott.