At the office: Screenshot of the Month Club

andrewscharf 001.jpg

You know all those cool screenshots you see in game previews? Believe it or not, they’re not as easy to create as you’d think. It’s like trying to get that perfect snapshot at a football game – you want to make sure you get the wide receiver player Super Mutant catching the winning touchdown pass right as he’s attacking the player, while accounting for blur from player movement (no edit necessary) and not having fans get in the way onscreen blood get in the way.

To help get the best screenshots possible, Fallout: New Vegas’ Senior Producer at Bethesda Softworks, Jason Bergman, is handing out trophies to the person that creates the best screenshot each month. As a reward, they get a unique  trophy (that’s putting it lightly).

Above is recent Inside the Vault participatant Andrew Scharf accepting the award for best screenshot in February. This week you can see his work in latest issue of PC Gamer. Below you can get a closer look at this magnificent award.


It’s going to be tough to beat Andrew each month — he was winning Bethesda contests before we even knew him.

Reader Comments

  1. From the screenshots that I have seen so far (scanned, since I don’t live in US or UK), you guys suck pretty bad at this.Most of the screenshots were pretty uninteresting or even bad. Still, NV is my number 1 anticipated game.