Around the web: New Vegas details, and the DOOM II RPG revue


Outside of an excellent Brink interview over at Game Informer, this week’s roundup covers a diverse range of news pertaining to Sin City and Hell.

id Software’s DOOM II RPG hit the iPhone last week, and IGN Wireless and Touch Arcade both gave the portable dungeon romp great reviews. Head over to iTunes to pick it up. It’s only $3.99, after all; less than the price of your average fast food hamburger, and likely less hellish in the end.

On the id side of things, be sure to check out page 28 of the new Texas-specific Edge e-zine, which features a short-but-sweet interview with Todd Hollenshead.

You can almost see the high-water mark where the latest wave of Fallout: New Vegas details broke and rolled back. The news continues to percolate, with the PC Gamer podcast crew chatting up the game on their latest episode. PC Gamer also lists the game as one of the top 10 of 2010, along with GameZone.

Finally, in the realm of decade-long accolades, good old RPGamer named Fallout 3 its fifth favorite RPG from a list of hundreds.

That about rounds out the roundup. As always, let us know in the comments if you spot any other interesting stuff.

Reader Comments

  1. Lots of amazing news bits for today,bless’em.Yay, Doom II on iphone!We’re not gonna save any tiny bit of our social lives noe, aren’t we?

    And, things are heating up nicely with every new bit of info on Fallout New Vegas.Yummy,more please!

  2. I just got the podcast, cant wait to listen to it for a little new info. Man I wish my site could get a interview with someone, my sites to small though…sigh. Anyways… All that stuff is really cool, I am really happy with Fallout 3 getting more praise. To bad it didnt get first!!