QUAKE LIVE celebrates Year One


Nearly a year ago (February 24th, to be exact), id Software launched QUAKE LIVE — a browser-based (and totally free) version of Quake III Arena.

And what a year it’s been! Breaking it down by the numbers, players have spent over 8.9 million hours in over 60 million ranked matches, earning 8 million awards and 810 million frags.

Among those frags, two players have reached the status of Dark Angel — Trajan (featured in an interview on Bethesda Blog) and Yakumo. The two continue to battle it out for QUAKE LIVE supremacy. Meanwhile, one user, Pudrick, has spent nearly 56 days in-game on ranked servers (and I thought the guys in my dorm playing QUAKE II were hardcore).

To celebrate QUAKE LIVE’s milestone, id Software has launched QUAKE LIVE’s Year One Event. The event runs from today through March 9th. During that time, anyone that participates in an online match will receive a special “Year One” award.

To help get the year off to a good start, the team has also uploaded a new level, Fallout Bunker, for you to enjoy. As the team moves forward, they plan to bring many new fighting arenas to QUAKE LIVE, including nostalgic works from the community as well as new arenas designed specifically for QUAKE LIVE.

Thanks to all the players for making QUAKE LIVE such a success in its first year!

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