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This week’s TESting Your Knowledge turned into an interesting affair. To recap, this is the Elder Scrolls trivia question we asked last Friday:

In the Septim dynasty, at what point was the direct line of succession from Tiber Septim broken?

The words “direct line” proved important, as many answers flowed in citing later Septims as the breaking point. In fact, the direct line of Tiber Septim was severed early on, according to our friends at The Imperial Library:

In 3E 41 Emperor Pelagius I was assassinated with no living children. Tiber Septim’s niece (his brother Agnorith’s daughter) Kintyra was next in line to the throne.

Amongst the entrants that had it right, Kiran Valluru of Brampton, Ontario was the lucky winner, walking away with a signed copy of Greg Keyes’ “The Infernal City.” We’ll be back with another question later this week.

Reader Comments

  1. Aarrrgghh! I actually put that answer down, but I over-thought the question and decided to submit Cephorus II as my answer instead. I should really learn to trust my first instincts.

  2. Just checking : are we, overseas readers able to win the prize since, if I recall correctly, I only saw US residents winning. The rules say nothing concerning it so a little clarification would be nice. Thanks!

  3. I’m from the Netherlands (in Europe) and I did win a signed copy.

    So non-North-American participants certainly have a chance at winning.

    There might simply be relatively more North-American participants.

    I won the third TESting your knowledge.