Madden Update: Todd takes the Browns to the Super Bowl (and wins)


Tom Brady is pretty awesome, but he could only manage to go 18-1. Todd Howard is more awesome — he led the Cleveland Browns to an undefeated, 19-0 Super Bowl Championship season in year one of our Madden 10 Online Franchise. In the Super Bowl, the Browns shutout the Eagles 21-0. The Eagles were coached by Tim Youse, friend of programmer Chris Rodriguez (who happened to be the only person to previously beat Tim during the season.)

Even though the real NFL season is long gone, it looks our our league will carry on. This past week Commissioner Ashley set up our free agency period and rookie draft, and we’ve already begun playing our second seeason. I know Ash would love to see us get through all ten seasons of the Online Franchise mode, so now the question is: can Todd now go 190-0?

Reader Comments

  1. YES HE CAN!!! :-), but if he want’s to keep his luck up. (not that i doubt his skill :-)) he should do good deeds, like say, ooooh i don’t know, release info on TES V at the end of this year or early next spring 😉